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Editors note: although most of these jobs are no longer open, the article showcases channels where you can find similar jobs posted. Channels are refreshed daily so sign up! This week we took a new spin on established ideas. We showcased jobs to usher in the era of Rails and MVC programming to the Fortune 500 behemoths. Jobs to bring in business ideas to sports leagues. If you want to bring digital bits to paper money, we had a channel for that, and if you wanted to reinvent the fit and finish of the running shoe, we had a channel for that too. Finally, we had jobs for those bringing agility to the software development life cycle, and for those turning a content library into marketing wizardry.

In keeping with this weeks theme, here are our editor’s picks of the week.

1. A New Spin on Conference Curation — Screener Intern at TED

TED has been around for a while. Yet with their stylized short videos and their willingness to tackle new concepts, they keep the experience of conference learning fresh. So if you are looking for an internship that’s both fun and challenging, check out the posting for screener intern at TED. You can be a college junior, senior or a recent graduate, but”You need to feel a personal stake in the future of science, politics, philosophy, art, and/or pop culture, and demonstrate bona fides in one or two of those fields”. Based in Manhattan, this role will have you screen talks put forth by the TEDx community.

If you love pop-culture and want to be a writer or an editor, we have a channel for you. Want to host events like TED, we have a channel for you too.

2. A New Spin on Bringing Intelligence to You — Knowledge Scientist for Siri at Apple

Want to work with big data, artificial intelligence and language processing to bring intelligence into your pocket (or your wrist as the case may be)? Join the Siri team as a knowledge scientist. You need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, although they prefer a masters or PhD, with some experience with machine learning and natural language processing.

Looking for jobs involving AI in big tech firms, start here? Want to take those skills to big finance and investing, instead — we have a channel for that too.

3. A New Spin on Public Relations — Arts and Culture PR Specialist at Kickstarter

What if you love art, believe in the power of crowdfunding, and want to shape a narrative, and trigger a broader cultural conversation? Any old PR job just won’t do. You need to check out Kickstarter’s latest job posting. They are looking for 3 to 5 years of experience in media relations, and an intimate awareness of the art world.

For art aficionados, and for fintech futurists, check out our curated channels for you.

4. A New Spin on Investing in Social Causes — Impact Manager at the Nonprofit Finance Fund**

Maybe you have an MBA or an MPA and are looking to be a part of a fast-moving team that is looking to reinvent social impact. Then you should look to be an impact manager at the Nonprofit Finance Fund. Ideally, you have 5 years of non-profit experience and potentially some business experience too.

Learn more about the new and emerging field of impact investing, or check out curated jobs in that sector (if you follow the channel, new jobs will automatically be added to your dashboard. We hunt them down everyday).

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