Surfing Waves vs. Surfing the Web

Surfing Waves vs. Surfing the WebJobs of the Week

Editor’s note - the jobs referenced in this article are no longer open but we have tried to point you to channels on Tapwage where similar jobs show up frequently

This was a week of pairings. We had jobs for those trying to grow wealth, and jobs for those trying to find fraud, jobs for those trying to manage the office, and jobs for those trying to manage the audience. We built a channel for people who want to teach the world, and a channel for those who want the world to teach. So this week our editors wanted to match the machine by pairing up their picks for jobs of the week. So here goes:

1. Writing about the Euro vs. Writing about Eurovision

In the left corner, we have the Economist, looking for a business and finance correspondent. All you need is a a resume, and a 500 word article.

Did you accidentally write 500 words about Eurovision instead of the Euro? Don’t stress. MTV has a job for you. You could be the Pop Beat Lead, “setting the tone and breadth of all music coverage”

For journalists, financial and otherwise, and writers passionate about pop culture — we have channels for you.

2. The Destination Wedding Package — Making travel simple and fun, and making weddings simple and fun

Our favorite hospitality technology focused startup, Porter & Sail is hiring a senior account manager. You will get to interface with some of the most well known hospitality brands in the lifestyle space. This is perfect for travel lovers with deep experience in client facing roles. Perks include unlimited paid vacation, great benefits and an annual travel stipend.

For those that love destination weddings, there is a job for you too. Become the product manager for Amazon’s wedding registry product, and disrupt a ten billion dollar market. If you have great technical skills and over five years of managing large teams, this could be the job for you.

Whether you want to do business development for an emerging startup like Porter & Sail, or be a big tech product manager for companies like Amazon, we have curated channels for you.

3. Internship Face-off: Wave Surfer vs. Web Surfer

If you have extensive surf knowledge, a passion for surfing, and an interest in video, then maybe you should apply to be the video intern at Rip Curl.

But if your extensive surfing experience is primarily online, maybe you should be a social community manager at HP, and help drive the discussion and the community. Responsibilities include “complimenting HP experts on a regular basis” and “being active in the private expert lounge, starting conversations and responding to conversations as needed”.

Whether you are looking to produce video, or to manage social media — we have channels for you.

We hope that you find the perfect job to pair with your interests and skills. Until next week.

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