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Into the FutureJobs of the Week

This week was about about ushering in the future. We featured Rails programming jobs at new and fast emerging startups, and mobile development jobs at social media companies. We showed you jobs where you could market new grooves and futuristic streaming platforms, and jobs where you could bring the future indoors with your rad interior design skills.

So in this week’s jobs of the week, our editors went the extra mile to bring you forward thinking choices:

1. Building the Future

We were promised flying cars… Where are they? At least we have smart self-driving cars to look forward to. If you have a masters or a PhD in robotics or computer science and a dream of building the future, then you should apply to work on the Google self-driving car.

For people who want to make computers do the thinking for us, we have a channel for you.

If you are not a robotics scientist but still want to work at Google’s secret R&D labs — Google[X]. They have jobs for business folks too.

2. Teaching the Teachers of the Future

From Haiti comes a job at a non-profit focused on teacher professional development. This job will let you work with the Ministry of Education and USAID to improving teaching to drive learning outcomes.

Whether you are teacher, or a curriculum designer, we have curated channels for you.

3. Investing in the Platforms of the Future

From a leading private equity firm, Saban Capital, comes a job that allows you to invest actual money in the future. You can be an associate focused on digital media / consumer internet and pick the next big internet companies to invest in. If you have 3 years of prior investment experience in digital media, or M&A experience, this might be the job for you.

For others who want to invest, but not necessarily in the future, we have channels for you.

4. Entertaining the Future Generation

Millennials are here and they demand to be entertained! TV just won’t do (although it does very well for our editorial team). Maybe you need to join a YouTube channel to oversee content distribution across its digital platforms. From Awesomeness TV comes just such a job.

If digital media has you transfixed, but you don’t know where to start, try out our entry-level digital media job channel here.

Bonus: Rare Job of the Week

From Australia’s famous hedge fund — Bronte Capital — comes a rare hedge fund job posting for a recent graduate focused on value investing. Get to work with the legend, John Hempton, and learn the art of long and short investing.

If you are interested in investing, check out John Hempton’s excellent blog, Bronte Capital (ignore the part that it’s still hosted on blogspot). It’s one of our favorite finance blogs.

Until next week!

Editor’s note: although the specific jobs referenced here are no longer active, the article contains suggestions of channels you can follow to find more such jobs in the future. So sign up.

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