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This week was about taking things to the next level. We have featured jobs for buyers before, but are you ready to feed the entire supply chain? Maybe you are a talented programmer looking for a job that supports remote work, but what if you can do so much more than code? If you love video games, we have lot’s of jobs for you, but perhaps it’s time you thought about pioneering a game of your own start-to-finish. SEO marketers — great jobs where you can make a massive impact. Want to combine marketing with data and insights, then maybe you should look here. Whatever your interests, or stage of career — we have curated channels for you to follow. So this week our editors also wanted to feature jobs that took traditional jobs to new levels. Here is what they came up with:

1. Sure you can manage communications but can you tell a story strategically?

Etsy is looking for a “Chief Storyteller”. Perfect for a communications expert or a former journalist. They are looking for “a passionate and strategic storyteller with deep cultural sensibility”.

You don’t need 15 years of PR experience to work at Etsy. They have lots of great jobs . And if you want to help startups tell their stories, we have a channel for that too.

2. Search Engine Optimization…For the Leading Search Engine

Google is looking for a Program Manager, Search Engine Optimization. The job entails working with cross-functional teams to help drive organic traffic. You need a BA/ BS in computer science, engineering or something related, and 4 years of experience developing websites.

If you want to work at Google, there are other jobs too. And we have some helpful interview guides. Love SEO and want to see what’s out there? We have a channel for you.

3. Human Rights Expert

We have a curated channel for jobs at human rights focused non-profits. But sometimes there are private sector jobs that require this type of expertise. Like this job from PAE looking for a human rights expert. It involves supervising operations training for African Union peacekeeping personnel. Ideally you have a Bachelors degree in law or political science with a specialization in human rights, and 5 years of military operations experience.

If you are a veteran looking to find great public and private sector jobs that value your military experience? We have a channel for you.

Bonus: The Rare Job of the Week

Software folks may know that the framework Ruby on Rails originated at Basecamp. They are looking for an iOS developer. You get to work with their incredible team including David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) who founded RoR. They almost never hire so this is one of the rarest openings in the industry.

Looking for work as an iOS developers and Ruby on Rails developers, we have lots of jobs for you too.

Until next week!

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