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Jobs Like On TVJobs of the Week

If you are crazy about TV, then our algorithm has a ton of great channels for you, whether you want to be the person who decided what goes on TV, the person who finds an audience for it, or the person who finances it. If you aren’t sure we have jobs for folks looking to start out within the studios, and MBAs who are looking for a job that leverages their expertise.

But what if you just want a job like your favorite TV character? Well our editors decided to make that the theme for this week’s job picks.

1. House of Cards


Whose side are you on? If you secretly admire tenacious reporter, Zoe Barnes and her brand of unearth-at-all-costs journalism, then maybe you want to be a politics reporter at Cox Media’s Rare Magazine. In fact, in Cox’s original job posting, they specifically asked for a reporter who is “less Paula Zahn, more Zoe Barnes”. If you have 3-5 years of political reporting experience, this could be the job for you.

Want to embark on a career in journalism, check out our channels for reporters, and for a range of newsroom jobs at top publications.

But if want to be more like Doug, and eventually become Frank Underwood, then you might need to start somewhere. You could be a senior aide for legislative affairs at the Department of Treasury. You will get to serve as a liaison to Congress on legislative issues.

2. Empire


We love the TV show Empire, which brings the sizzle back to the music industry. Who can be bigger than Cookie Lyon, the amazing character played by Taraji P. Henson. If you want a job like hers (without the drama of a son like Hakim), maybe you need a job managing Artists and Repertoire (A&R) at a major music label. Like this job for a VP, A&R at Sony Music. If you don’t feel like you are ready for that yet, start as an A&R analyst instead.

Love music, and don’t know where to get started? Start with an internship at a major music company.

3. Mad Men


Nothing on TV did more to elevate entire industries and careers like Mad Men.

Do you want a start in the industry like Peggy Olson? Maybe start as a junior copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather. When you feel ready to be Don Draper, you could consider this job for executive creative director at Razorfish (you need 10+ years of experience and a strong portfolio of work).

Maybe you’re less Draper and more Roger Sterling or Joan Harris. Then consider this job for account executive at McCann.

For the best jobs in advertising, look at our curated channel.

4. How I Met Your Mother


Dramas aren’t the only source of job inspiration. Sitcoms feature plenty of great jobs too. Whether you want to be an architect of office buildings like Ted Mosby (typical Schmosby!), a non-profit lawyer like Marshall, a kindergarten teacher like Lily, or an on-camera reporter like Robin, there are great jobs for you.

As for Barney? We don’t really know what he does except work for the company that makes the fuzz of tennis balls. If you figure it out, email us, and we’ll find a job to match.

Whether you want to be a lawyer, teacher, reporter, or architect — we have curated channels for you.

5. Retro look back: Friends

The list wouldn’t be complete without Friends, the show that made us all dream about fancy New York jobs in the 90s. Love dinosaurs like Ross? Maybe you want to be the director for the Hefner Museum of Natural History. If you are a history major and don’t know what to do with it, check out our proprietary study on the career prospects for history majors.

Want to be a fashion buyer like Rachel? You are in luck. Chanel has just such a job for you — assistant buyer for Ready to Wear. And if you want to shop for a living, we have an entire channel dedicated to that!

Are you an expert chef like Monica and want to run your own kitchen at a high end restaurant? Union square hospitality group is looking for a culinary director. If you don’t feel ready for that responsibility yet, then maybe you should start as a sous chef with our curated channel.

Bonus: Game of Thrones


We searched our entire database and sadly, there are no current vacancies for Hand of the King. That said, if you want a job where you can look into a camera and repeatedly say “Winter is coming”, then you could be an on-camera meteorologist for ABC. In fact, we have a channel of such jobs.

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