Do You Love Your Job?

Do You Love Your Job?It Turns Out Some Jobs are Easy to Love

There is a great discussion on reddit which starts with the blunt question — Who here actually enjoys their job?

The responses are insightful and great. We have compiled our favorite ones for you here (with cues on how to look for similar jobs on Tapwage):

1. Technical Artist at Pixar

I’m a technical artist at Pixar. To say I love my job is quite an understatement

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2. eGames (video game) Tournament Director

I love my job. I’m MLG’s PC tournament director. I get to travel around the country, and run Starcraft 2 tournaments for the world’s best players.

Jobs in eSports

3. Beer maker

I love my job. I make beer. Not only is the job fun, but most people in the industry are quite fun to work/hang out with.

Want to Work for Beer Companies?

4. Archaeologist

I get paid to go hiking and look for sites or to dig up things in a methodical way. I am almost always working outdoors…it’s been pretty great to see pretty much all of the USA since I started working

Jobs for Archaeologists

5. Technology at a Large Company

I work in IT for a fortune 100 company. I love my job mainly for the freedom to come and go as I please. I’m also fairly well paid so that helps.

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6. Schmoozer (their words not ours)

I love my job. I’m a schmoozer and I have to take clients out for drinks, dinner sporting events etc all on the company’s credit card.

Be a rainmaker at a large company with a large expense account

This is a topic on the mind of every young professional and student as they think about shaping their careers. Our two cents — don’t wait for the magical future. Do what you love now. If you are glad its Thursday and priming for the weekend because it has been an intense week — thats understandable. But if this is week #11 this year of making it past hump day with coffee and a dose of gawker, then maybe its time to reevaluate.

Still confused?

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