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Editor’s note: Most of these jobs have now been filled but we have linked to channels where you can find similar jobs. Channels are updated daily so sign up!

Tapwage has jobs from historic brands as well as new upstarts looking to make waves. Our curated channels feature both. We also feature well recognized career paths and new emerging career paths. This week we had jobs for those looking to build infrastructure, and jobs for those using new content marketing techniques. We featured jobs for economists at large companies, and jobs for developers focused on innovating at CGI. We had marketing jobs at historic hospitality chains, and design jobs at cutting edge new media companies. Here are our picks of the week, which also highlight the same “old vs. new” theme.

Documenting the Past — Historian at the IMF

Lender to nations, The International Monetary Fund, is looking for a fund historian based in Washington D.C. The candidate needs an advanced understanding of macroeconomics and great writing skills.

This is no surprise to us. After all, we recently did a study to find that history majors had incredibly good career prospects.

Looking for economist jobs instead? Check out our channel.

And Financing the Future — Business Development at OnDeck

The future of finance and lending has taken a sharp turn with technology. So join one of the pioneers of new age loan financing to small and medium businesses, OnDeck, in a business development role. If you have two years of financial services experience and B2B sales skills, this NY role could be perfect for you.

Intrigued? Then check out our curated channel of jobs for recent graduates at fin-tech startups.

Reporting in a New Medium for a Historic Brand — Video Reporter at the Washington Post

Become a video reporter at the Washington Post. If you have 4 to 5 years of experience in video storytelling for a national audience then this is the job for you.

Or look at our channel of reporting and journalism jobs to find one that suits you.

Or Bring Time-Tested Editing Standards to a New Media Outfit — Managing Editor at Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is seeking a managing editor to join their creative team. If you have 5 years of journalism experience and an ability to “speak on a variety of topics from tech to music to lifestyle”, this could be the job for you.

And if you want to just get started in the new digital media revolution, take a look right here.

Designing the Classic Motorbike — Project Designer at Harley Davidson

Want to design a piece of Americana? Where better than at Harley Davidson? Perfect for mechanical engineers and designers with some experience and a passion for automobiles.

And for those looking at mechanical or automotive design jobs, we have a great list for you.

Engineering the Cutting Edge in Automobiles — Design Engineer in the Williams F1 Team

Love motorsports, and want to be a part of designing the next generation of cars and racing machines? Maybe you should look to be a Design Engineer at the Williams F1 team. This is a 6 month contract job involving exposure to hydraulics and transmission systems.

Or check out our jobs for engineers at automotive and aerospace companies.

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