6 Reasons to Work at a Digital Media Company

6 Reasons to Work at a Digital Media CompanyFinding a Career You Love

1. Growth is good


Most of these companies are growing over 50% per year, while some are growing over 100% per year and scaling very quickly.

Growth = Opportunities = Responsibilities = Better Careers

2. Your niche interests can now get a large, global audience

Passionate about race and gender equality? Become an Identities Staff Writer at Mic:

Want to create food videos? Become a Video Editor for Eater at Vox Media:

3. New frontiers create new positions that you may never have thought about before

Manage relationships with video gamers at Machinima:

Help Buzzfeed manage social discovery for their ad operations:

Be in charge of tagging and classifying movies and TV shows at Netflix:

4. Really cool perks

Digital media firms are increasingly known for their great perks and benefits.

Netflix has a 200-person cinema for employees, and unlimited vacation.


VEVO provides employees access to amazing concerts.


Most of these companies provide gym membership, unlimited food, and great healthcare coverage.

5. Celebrities want to hang out with you!

Celebrities all want to be on your video platform, do an AMA, or be a part of a funny listicle. These companies command the attention of massive audiences, and so command the attention of the big shots.


6. Creativity is all around you

It pays to work at a place that lets you express yourself. Sometimes, that shows even in job postings. Like this great job posting from Vox Media.

Need help making it into a digital media company?

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