Demand for (Artificial) Intelligence: Jobs for Engineers & Scientists

Demand for (Artificial) Intelligence: Jobs for Engineers & ScientistsThe Latest Career Trends

Its been well known for a while that AI has been the next frontier. From the success of Siri and Google Now, to Hollywood portrayals of AI like Her and Ex Machina (and so many others), it almost feels like the Turing Test is entering popular vocabulary. But amid the talk of wearables, virtual reality, and big data, we had other technology futures to consider.

Now AI is back in the news and back in demand. The Wall Street Journal had an excellent article on Silicon Valley’s push into artificial intelligence and machine learning, both in terms of hiring and in terms of M&A activity. Quartz has a similar article on how hedge funds looking for the extra-edge are moving into AI as the next frontier, with funds looking to incorporate this into investing decisions and portfolio management.

We are seeing a significant volume of postings for jobs involving AI across all industries but especially in finance and tech. These positions don’t always say “AI” in their title but often are quantitative developer, data scientist or sometimes simply software engineer jobs that as you dig into the requirements, are specifically looking for expertise in machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms. Some of these prefer PhDs although that is not always a requirements. These jobs, especially in funds and large banks can be fantastic entry points for engineers and scientists looking to move out of academia and into finance and corporate roles. These roles can be challenging, remunerative and important stepping stones to more senior finance roles as these techniques mature.

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