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LinkedIn inmail from recruiters? That’s so 2013. We love seeing companies employ new ways to reach new audiences in the job market. A few months ago, we discussed Google’s unusual “Easter Egg” recruiting tool which involved a secret invitation to a programming test offered to users who searched specific terms.

Today’s new interesting recruiting tool comes from another tech heavy — Amazon. And the tool is — wait for it — Tinder! They have recently been seen inviting engineers to swipe right on an ad for engineering positions at the company. The username? “Amazonian”


Image source: Motherboard

Social media is quickly becoming a critical part of the recruiting toolkit. We explored that topic at length in our article about beating the recruiting bots. Now more than ever, it’s important for professionals in the job market to be aware of their social footprint and make sure that it projects them in the best possible light.

As the job market continues to heat up, we are sure to see more such innovations. In the meantime, if you want to swipe right at a channel with software engineering jobs at large Fortune 500 companies (like Amazon, IBM and Google), you can start right here. Or check out jobs at Amazon on Tapwage.

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