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No Experience NecessaryJobs of the Week

Entering the job market or transitioning careers can be daunting. There are so many jobs to choose from and so many types of companies. Should you work for a large company, or a startup? Should you pursue investment banking or computer science? How do you go about getting the experience to make it in these careers?

We have a variety of curated job channels specifically focused on entry-level and junior careers, and for internships. We asked our editors with picking their favorite entry-level jobs of the week. No experience necessary, so you can find a foothold in a career you love!

1. Look Ma, I‘m on TV (or right behind it)

Entertainment makes for a fun career path, but entering the career isn’t always intuitive. So maybe check out these jobs for Production Assistant at Turner Broadcasting, or Media Coordinator at NBC Sports. Both of these jobs involve supporting the entire production process. They will give you a deep understanding of television production and broadcast. You don’t need a college degree, but it’s preferred. While you don’t need prior experience, you need to be very computer proficient, and the NBC job requires knowledge of specific tools like Avid.

Once you have a year of experience under your belt, and if you are really passionate about sports, maybe you can be a Production Assistant at ESPN

Want to learn more? Check out our curated channel of entry-level and junior entertainment jobs, and read an article about breaking into Hollywood.

2. Race to the Finish Line

If you are a motorsports fan, then we have jobs for you. From the world of Nascar comes an interesting places for you to start your motorsports career. Be a competition technology technician (which will let you “Drive Company vehicles as needed”!). An associates degree in computer science, electronics, or similar discipline is useful. Or you could be a Race Official.

If you are crazy about motorsports, then perhaps work for the Williams Formula 1 team, or for McLaren

If you are looking for great automotive engineering jobs, we have the place to start.

3. More News is Good News

You’ve been writing for a long time while working your day job. Your blog is well followed, tweets are retweeted, even your Yo’s are articulate. You’ve always wanted to be a journalist but will a real publication take you seriously with no prior journalism experience? The Economist will. They are looking for a Public Policy Correspondent. No prior journalistic experience necessary. You need to be able to write well, generate original ideas and spot intriguing patterns in data. Write up 600 words on any subject and send it in.

Whether you want to write about current affairs, sports, pop culture, or science, we have channels for you.

4. Millenial-friendly Media

Here’s a digital media company, there’s a digital media company, everywhere’s a digital media company. You have a knack for understanding millennial habits and want a career building the next generation content experiences. Maybe you should be a Product Analyst at Refinery29. They want someone “obsessed with data and style”. This job requires strong technical skills including SQL and data analytics skills. Ideally, you have a degree in math, computer science or another quantitative field.

If you don’t have all of those skills just yet, don’t fret. We have other great digital media jobs for you.

Trying to figure out why digital media is cool? Here are 6 reasons to consider the industry.

5. A Foothold in Finance

Earlier this week, we told you about how Harvard MBA’s are saying no to Wall Street. Many believe that the Harvard MBA indicator is a contrarian one, so if you want to get started with a career on Wall Street, perhaps you should become an investment banking analyst at Citigroup.

If investing is more your thing, look into the Investment Management Analyst job at JP Morgan. Both these jobs require excellent analytical skills and comfort with numbers.

Check out our channels to see other junior banking or investing jobs.

Bonus — Entering the Startup world as an MBA

A common question we get from newly minted MBAs is whether there are jobs for them in the dynamic world of venture-backed startups. Sure there are. Like this one for in Business Operations & Strategy at NerdWallet. They need 2-5 years of pre-MBA experience and prefer experience at a strategy consulting firm, investment bank or operating experience in SaaS or consumer internet.

We have a range of MBA job channels at startups. Like this one for MBA’s at Unicorn Startups (over $1bn in valuation). Check it regularly since the list of Unicorns keeps growing.

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