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Let's Talk About MoneyA Discussion on How Much You Can Really Earn in Various Professions

In today’s career environment, there are wide disparities between what different professions pay, what different companies pay, and what pay you can expect in different locations. There are lots of places like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or Glassdoor, where professionals can get a sampling of salary information. As we continue to receive questions about salary and compensation, we have decided to start a periodic column where we give you honest guidance about what different jobs can earn.

1. Enterprise Sales — Its an “eat what you kill” pay scale

Top performers in inside sales (high volume, telephone sales) can make $300k + / year

Top performers in enterprise sales (lower volume, long lead time) can make $1MM / year

Read Jason Lemkin’s excellent post on Quora here

2. Investment Banking Analyst — Make a killing straight out of school

One of the highest paying jobs out of school, starting analysts make $85k / year base + $30-70k in end of year bonuses. What does it take to get in? Usually an ivy league degree and actively recruiting. Read more about that process here

3. Creative, Editorial and Video Production at a digital media venture

$60 - 70k / year

Take a look at Vice Media’s wage breakdown posted on Gawker

4. Game programmer in Austin, Texas — Salaries depend vastly on location

$65k / year (this can be higher in larger cities like SFO and New York)

5. Director, Fast Growing Internet Startup

$150k / year + bonus. 10+ years of experience plus a MBA

(from this excellent reddit post on salaries)

6. Dentist — Pay / Location relationship can be counter-intuitive

$155k / year average in California

$186k / year average in Texas

$161k / year average in Michigan

From BLS Data

7. Post-doc (junior research scientist with a PhD)

$42k / year baseline stipend mandated by the NIH

We think wage benchmarking is an important part of making informed career decisions and thats why we include typical salary information in our channels. If you are curious about a career or role, email us at info@tapwage.com. We’ll find the relevant information and share it in these weekly updates.

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