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+3.5m Jobs Analyzed
& Tracked
1.5x Average Increase
in Total Applicants
2x Average Increase
in Qualified Applicants

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Job Performance Score

How will your job perform? The Job Performance Score is based on candidate search behavior and is designed to help employers write winning job descriptions. Increase a job’s score to 80+ and see immediate, dramatic increases in qualified applicants across all recruiting platforms.

Data-driven Insights

Our intelligence platform tracks the performance of over 4 million job descriptions to understand how they win (or lose) with candidates online. Avoid assumptions and write data-driven job descriptions that are proven to increase candidate search visibility and applications.

Free with Automated Posting

Automatically deliver your jobs to our network of professional job seekers and receive access to our Job Description Optimizer for free. You’ll receive a notification (including your job’s Performance Score) every time a job is discovered. Learn more about enrolling in Automated Posting.

It Takes 100 Applicants to Make a Hire

Our job description optimizer delivers significant cost and time savings when recruiting talent online. Select a job from the dropdown to see how optimized jobs performed on sites like Indeed.com when aquiring 100 applicants.

$263Saved Promotion Budget
+144%Organic Applicants
14 DaysTime Saved
$885Saved Promotion Budget
+567%Organic Applicants
42 daysTime Saved
$267Saved Promotion Budget
+244%Organic Applicants
14 daysTime Saved
$582Saved Promotion Budget
+267%Organic Applicants
28 daysTime Saved
Numbers are illustrative based on tests and may vary due to a range of factors.


  • Works on all major talent acquisition platforms
  • Data-driven insights on maximizing quantity and quality of applicants
  • Optimized for professional job descriptions
  • Version control and tracking
  • Job Optimizer is free with Automated Posting
  • No hassle billing and account management
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