Printing & Delivery Supervisor




Main Responsibility

·         Leader of printing & Delivery for all area of business or distribution channel

·         Supporting the execution of all operation and administration activities for printing & delivery related to the respective business partner and all distribution channels through dealing with external parties as well as the internal preparations

·         To work towards the achievement of the overall objectives / goals of the division and meet Cigna standard: high quality and clean administration, accuracy level, turnaround time process commitment, etc. This is both for internal parties (staffs) and external parties (vendor).

·         Brief, negotiate with and ensure all internal and external parties agree on concepts, responsibilities, procedures and timetables for all operational Internal parties: CS overall, Underwriting, System, Accounting, Marketing and Distribution Channels, HRD External parties: Business Partners

·         Ensure that all operation in printing and delivery area run smoothly as schedule / on time:

·         Sending all data input to printing vendor for printing process 1 day after inputting process (should be ensure the data printing numbers is tally with inputting numbers) for affinity business

·         Sending all data input to printing vendor for printing process 1 day after in-force process (should be ensure the data printing numbers is tally with in-force process numbers) for VUL business

·         Print all policy at 1 day after inputting process and send to courier vendor at the same day (should be ensure the policy printing numbers is tally with in-force policy numbers) for credit life business

·         Make sure that all preparation in printing vendor already set-up (policy book, welcome letter, data policy, claim document)

·         Make sure all printing processing will be done by printing vendor within 1 working day (except cashless Products), and at the day after will be picked up by courier vendor

·         Monitor turnaround time and quality of all printing vendor

·         Monitor turnaround time and quality of all courier vendor (base on the service level agreement) by manage audit program from sample min. 10% of all delivery documents and database monitoring program

·         Monitor return mail base on the service level agreement

·         Manage all return mail follow-up that should be done by 3 working days

·         Control and monitoring of New Business Admin staff member:

·         Monitor staff capacity versus business growth and plan staff accordingly

·         Train and couch new staff member and existing staff member as well

·         Conduct regular meeting among staff member to share cases, take solution action, share new information etc.

·         Provide product and system training or refreshment among staff or outside division if needed

·         Provide internal SOP training or refreshment if needed

·         Maintenance of staff member in cooperation with HR department such as review performance (through monthly Individual Scorecard Performance and annual appraisal), control contract renewal administration, retaining and motivate

·         Preparing internal SOP, ensure internal SOP still applicable and revise it if needed

·         Ensuring the timing accuracy of policy printing and its delivery to customer

·         Ensuring achievement of targets relating to speed and accuracy of policy process and delivery

·         Checking monthly report from the Team Leader regarding the process within the team

·         Analyzes problems encountered which related to the failure of policy delivery that might occurs

·         Monitoring staff performance and ensuring availability of correct and precise data

·         Handling complaint received from internal or external parties.

·         Monitoring E-Policy process

·         Responsible on accuracy data on Invoice from vendors before submit to Finance


Experience/Knowledge Requirements:

·         Proven track record in leadership rules with minimum 2 years

·         Demonstrate experience in billing & Policy Maintenance of insurance company or other financial institution

·         Experience working in team-oriented, collaborative environment

·         Experience in data analysis and data verification 

Education and Other Requirements:

·         Bachelor degree

·         Fluent in English

·         Excellent PC skills : spreadsheets, graphs, PowerPoint; words


Primary Location


Work Locations

IDN Tempo Pavilion Cigna - Tempo Pavilion 2 Jl H R Rasuna Said Kav 10 Jakarta 12950


Admin/Gen Mgt--Administrative




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Job Level

Manager of People


Yes, 25 % of the Time

Job Posting

Nov 21, 2017, 8:14:04 AM

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