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We're looking for experienced software engineers who believe in what Citymapper is doing, and who are ready to do what it takes to build new kinds of transportation tools for the world's biggest, messiest cities.

We're a small company and we're hiring for a variety of engineering roles. We build most of our systems in Python on AWS (with some C++, Go, and Java thrown in), but your specific skills matter less to us than your experience in building sturdy, scalable systems, and your ability to prototype ideas quickly to help us iterate towards the right products. We're especially looking for people who can take ownership of problems, and who can provide technical leadership.

Our systems crunch a whole lot of transit data to serve a whole lot of requests for a whole lot of users, but at the end of the day, what matters is that people trust us to give them the right information quickly enough that they won't miss their train or their stop. Can you help us get even better at it?

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Confirmed 12 days ago. Posted 30+ days ago.

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