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Venmo was founded on the principles of breaking down the intimidating barriers around financial transactions to make them intuitive, friendly, and even fun. And it worked: people love sending money with Venmo, and we’re growing by leaps and bounds!

But we’re only just getting started. We want to take that magic of sending money with Venmo and cascade it into every place where people use money. That means connecting people to their money in the most intuitive and fun way possible, then connecting people with each other. Users already love Venmo, but we know there are lots of things we haven’t thought of to make the experience of using Venmo even more delightful and valuable. All that’s going to take a lot of figuring out. Let’s figure it out together!

Design at Venmo

We love making things, so our days are spent with our heads together, pondering the right things to make and how they should work. We huddle with engineers and product managers, working closely together on projects from start to finish, and turn ideas into beautiful, simple, and lovable products that work well. We have white-boarding jam sessions, prototype thoughtful stories, and create pixel-perfect designs that bring it all together. We design separately and together, teach and learn from one another, and push each other to be at our creative and analytical bests. We know we're never completely done. We ship.

About this Role

At Venmo, some product designers are responsible for specific dimensions of the Venmo experience, like commerce or peer-to-peer payments. Other designers are focused on specific platforms, such as iOS and Android, and ensure that the experiences are not only awesome, but consistent with established patterns and styles. This role is focused on a platform, but it’s not iOS or Android… it’s the Web! You will “own” the design of the Venmo experience on the Web, and will collaborate with engineers and product managers to re-imagine what Venmo can and should be for browsers. While your focus will be the web, that doesn’t mean you won’t also be thinking about mobile experiences, too. Our mobile apps also have web views that will require your keen eye, your sensitivity to the latest responsive design strategies, and a solid understanding of patterns that comfortably coexist with iOS and Material design. This is an incredible opportunity for a special designer that has deep roots in web, product, and mobile design.

What You Need:

  • You’ve spent at least 6+ years designing web experiences and products.
  • You have a deep understanding of design processes and methods developed through experience and you balance fidelity with agility based on the task at hand.
  • You understand the importance of designing for specific contexts, and your work demonstrates how a product should elegantly adapt to them.
  • Your analytical thinking is rigorous and communication is precise, and it shows instantly.
  • You're interested in exploring and experimenting without attachment.
  • You can make decisions and rally various types of people around them.
  • You can spend long stretches with your sleeves rolled up in execution mode
  • Your Sketch files show your ability to organize your designs precisely and in a way that’s optimized for communicating the right things to the engineering team.  
  • You have a knack for understanding people and how they like to do things, and can combine that with testing and data to make sound design decisions.
  • You know when to involve others and escalate issues.
  • Your portfolio demonstrates range of impressive skills: UX, visual design, UI, storytelling, persona creation, and design process.
  • Deep technically skills are very helpful (but not required)—especially if you're able to leverage that expertise to build prototypes that convey your creative vision. Basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills are assumed.

What You’ll Do:

  • Own the design of web-based features and concepts from idea to launch and then through subsequent iteration with minimal guidance.
  • Work closely with Venmo teammates from many disciplines (from product management to engineering to analytics) to define problem spaces, design solutions, and help drive design strategy.
  • Develop concepts quickly and at low-fidelity, and collaboratively develop unexpected and stupendous designs that can be built.
  • Design screens using tools like Sketch, prototype ideas and flows in tools like InVision, and build beautiful animations and delightful moments in code or visualization tools like Framer.
  • Execute visual and interaction designs that scale across desktop and mobile.
  • Mentor and guide other designers at Venmo as they progress in their careers and craft.
  • Refine our processes and help define best practices for design at Venmo.

Nice to Have:

  • Experience working closely with software engineers and knowledge of how to successfully collaborate using tools like Jira.
  • Technical fluency.
  • Experience designing financial and/or social websites or apps.
  • Experience with, or an understanding of financial systems.
  • A sense of humor (in fact, this is a requirement, now that we think about it).

Please include your portfolio/website, work samples, Dribbble, github, and so on in your application. Applicants who do not include these examples in their application will not be considered.


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