Full Stack JavaScript Developer


Job Description

"Build Products that help People Experience the World"

Our Teams

Join an Agile team of professionals dedicated to building the next generation of travel applications.  Priceline.com provides a unique opportunity for Developers to solve for every requirement that makes for a great trip.  From booking a flight anywhere in the world to renting that convertible for a cross country road trip, our teams thrive on providing the best life experiences for millions of customers – and at a great price.

Our Technology

Javascript has dominated the language sphere and with the continued strength of Node.js Priceline.com has placed Node.js at the forefront of what we use to build our customer-facing applications.  Our Developer culture dictates what we use and when.  Our teams build products that we expect to stick around for a long period of time.  We celebrate codebases that employ patterns as traditional as MVVM and as modern as Redux. You will work on systems that serve hundreds of millions of searches a day, generate billions of events, and are monitored 24x7 using the best of the big data technologies. Code is our product, and at Priceline.com we will look to you to help us maintain, evolve, extend and modernize the products we build that help people experience the world.

Our Culture

The Priceline.com culture is one of collaboration and leadership.  Self-starters are encouraged to explore, fail fast and build new things.  Set goals and achieve them through collaboration with your team.  Join in various Developer forums lead by Developers of all levels.  Build or attend a program and explore the benefits of modern technology.  Find places that lack ownership and own them.

Collaboration, ownership and innovation are our primary tenets.

So what are you waiting for?

Apply for a position on one of our lean, agile and innovative teams.  Build the next exciting new product or feature that will ultimately help millions of people experience the world.

What you will do

You’ll be working in a small, tight-knit team, supporting our high-traffic Hotel, Airline, Rental Car and Vacation Package businesses, building applications that deliver real value to our customers.

You’ll be working closely with Product and Design team members on a modern technology stack grounded in Node.js, with a javascript frameworks and patterns like AngularJS and React/Redux delivering data from our REST-based APIs or GraphQL. You may also be optimizing our sites for cross-device performance, including mobile, desktop, tablets and phablets, with an emphasis on time to start render.

Relevant skills

  • Proficiency with JavaScript core language features and functionality. Including ES6 and ES7 features.

  • Experience with at least one modern client side JavaScript framework or library (React, Angular, Ember)

  • Understanding of Node.js and how it works. Experience with common libraries like Express.js and using Node as a web server or micro-service.

  • Working with and building REST-ful API's and GraphQL.

  • Software development patterns like OOP, Flux/Redux, Modular, MVVM, MVC and Observer.

  • Understanding of practical uses of responsive design and HTML, the use of tools like Sass and the authoring modular CSS (CSS modules or PostCSS).

  • Knowledge of Git and Gitflow.

  • NoSQL databases and SQL composition skills are a plus.

  • A collaborative work ethic and the ability to work within a self-organized, cross-functional team.

  • Familiarity with agile and scrum.

  • Great communication skills.

  • Familiar with web server-side technologies, such as GoLang, JSP, Ruby or Python.

  • Previous startup experience is a plus.

  • A degree in computer science or equivalent work experience.


Mid-level Required Experience

2+ years experience or equivalent proficiency with the skills outlined above.

Senior Required Experience

5+ years’ experience or equivalent proficiency with the skills outlined above.

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