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• Budgeting: Lead site milling team with estate management in establishing annual FFB milling plan and execute it within the budget and standard & goals framework agreed.

• Customer Satisfaction: 

• Ensure that the quality of production is maintained within customer specifications.

• Lead site milling team to implement/maintain certifications and execute improvements as required under ISO 9002, ISO 14001, RSPO, ISCC and Food Safety

• Lead site milling team in relation to customers in technical aspects and site execution, including customer’s complaints and investigation.



• Champion and implement Cargill and local environmental, health and safety policies and procedures.

• Liaise with governmental agencies on regulations, permits, operating licenses. Ensure no revoke on permits 

• Meet EHS standards/target set by company


Productivity, Maintenance & Reliability: 

• Define maintenance and productivity improvement program, and review/follow up on implementation/execution to maximize throughput, production continuity and maintain  EDT  below 3%

• Lead site milling team in peak season planning on timely basis and review/follow up on execution

• Review FFB supply schedule in relation to real estate delivery schedule on a weekly basis


Comply with and champion Cargill ethical standards/guiding principles. 

• Procurement: Ensure proper procurement process is being followed.  Review/follow up/enforce on compliance by team members.  Ensure follow up is done for timely procurement.


Capital Effectiveness:

• Review, supervise, challenge and ensure-enable projects are given us a competitive edge, meets insurance recommendations and reduces overall cost structure of facility.

• Lead and participate in project planning and implementation, engineering, procurement and negotiations, financial and cost control, quality control, health and safety, legal and disputes.  Ensure proper document management in place.

• New projects: Lead and participate heavily with project manager to define detailed scope of project, conceptual design, detailed engineering and site execution 


Talent Management:

• Performance management process:  Follow through on milling personnel performance management as per Cargill PMP criteria

• Employee engagement:  Ensure a good working and living environment is maintained.  Grievances are entertained and resolved with site management team as appropriate.

• Training and development:  Define the required training and development needed for milling personnel as per skills assessment conducted or other analysis performed as per standard template, and provide/request for resources.

• Recruitment and hiring:  Coordination with HR to ensure all mill positions are recruited/filled in a timely manner.    Follow up on implementation/execution.


Minimum accountabilities, via working through direct reports: 

• monthly safety inspection tours (as per health and safety general condition checklist)

• critical safety device review and compliance on boiler, turbine, process equipment

• safety and fire inspection tours

• corrective action list compliance

• monthly operations report including detailed yield/oil-kernel loss review

• standard and goals (TBSC) performance review with staff

• absenteeism and tardiness report review, corrections as needed (manage as per Employee Relations Handbook / Safety & Discipline behavior codes)

• inventory report review for maintenance and supplies

• scale/weighbridge check review

• waste water discharge compliance

• lab check sample program  

• base level project monthly review and report

• closure of valid grievances

• product shipment quality within specification, review and monitor blending plan as appropriate 



• Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical/Civil & Structure/Electrical Engineering. 

• Knowledge:  Technical/engineering calculations and theories.  Remember or recall previously learned facts or content.

• Comprehension:  Attach meaning to facts and information.

• Application:  Use, apply transfer what you learned (engineering theories, calculations, technical facts, and other facts) to other situations.

• Analysis:  Examine information by looking at its separate parts.

• Synthesis:  Put together or combine what you have already learned, understood, and analyzed into something new and different.

• Evaluation:  Make judgements about the work, or value, or quality of an idea or an item – a choice you can defend.


Knowledge “areas”:

•Mechanical equipment, especially related to palm oil mill operations

• Engineering knowledge – unit operations and transport processes, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics

• Supervision and management

• Budget preparation

• Cost control

• Accounting / Management Reporting comprehension

• Local government relations: Liaisons with Labor department for permitting and regulations in relation to plant operations (pressure vessels, etc.)

• US OSHA standards


Knowledge: All areas must be at “application level”.

• 80% minimum to “analysis level”.

• “Expert” or “evaluation” level in most areas.


Specialized Knowledge And/Or Skills

• Engineering degree from a recognized institution

• At least 8 years in manufacturing industry, and at least 3 years experience in managing multiple locations (2 or more) with a workforce of more than 100

• Experience in palm oil milling is preferred.  

• Good financial and budgeting skills

• Good people management skills

• Strong in EHS / very knowledgeable in processing and/or construction safety 

• Knowledgeable in ISO and RSPO.


Additional qualifications

• Proven leadership skills in starting/building mode



Primary Location

Indonesia-West Kalimantan






Day Job

Hiring Manager

Thomas Chang


Leni Mathavani Manager I BOM_ENG_M_3 - ENGINEERING MANAGER I Oct 18, 2017 In the country of posted position

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