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Oversees the day to day Operation and Maintenance of the combined Power and Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant and Base Electrical System.

Power Plant Four consists of 12 Diesel Generators ranging in size from 1000 kW to 3500 kW. These Engines are all EMD Models, either 645 or 710E for Prime Power Production. There are two 645 EMD, 1500 kW Engines at Leeward Point (MUSE Units) used for backup on the Leeward side in the event of Cross Bay Cable failure or for isolating purposes. There is also Generator back up at the Detention Facilities at the Radio Range which is also an EMD Model 645 Engine ( MUSE Unit) rated at 2500 kw used for Radio Range back up if needed. Plan and schedule major overhauls as needed.

All Engines produce 4160 volts to feed the Electrical Grid. At Power Plant Four, the Voltage is stepped up to 34,500 kV to feed the Bases Seven major Sub Stations. Base Grid consists of 34.5 kV, 13.2 kV, 13.8 kV (Leeward Point) and 4160 for Base distribution.

There are approximately 152 Emergency Generators and Automatic Transfer Switches, UPS and DC Power Systems of various sizes and voltages used for Critical Facility back up in the event of a Base Grid failure. There are four nominally rated 950 kW Wind Turbine Generators tied in to the Central Ave. Sub Station for energy savings. There are two Photovoltaic Farms for energy savings, one for the Base Gym and the second for the NEX.

Responsible for maintaining all equipment associated with the Base water production. This includes all Seawater Intake Pumps, Forwarding Pumps, Booster Pumps, Chemical Dosing Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, and Product Export Pumps associated with the Reverse Osmosis units including all valves and piping.

Responsible for all daily Refueling Operations and Fuel Line or Pump repairs. Utilize the Waste Oil to Energy Recovery (WOTEC) Unit to insure cost savings.

Responsible for all Base Lighting. Lighting groups include Streetlights (10% Solar Back up), Security Lights, Fence Line Lighting (50% Solar Backup at Leeward Point) Base Recreational Lighting and Windsock Navigational Lighting along with all Airport Runway lighting.

Responsible for insuring the Base Engineering Department work crew provides the Government up to date maps and as built drawings as needed. The work crew is also responsible for locates for Fuel, Water, Sewage and Electrical, as requested.

Responsible for all Facilities electrical work orders insuring they are completed in a timely manner and to Customer satisfaction.

Work closely with Public Works to keep them apprised of the daily operating status of critical equipment so funding can be made available for major repairs, when needed.


  1. Supervises the implementation of reliability centered O&M of the Power Plant and Distribution System.
  2. Organizes the Power Systems Department to effectively complete all Preventive Maintenance and Trouble Call tickets.
  3. Coordinates with assigned Electrical personnel and/or other trades for the purpose of completing projects and work orders efficiently.
  4. Provide training on how to diagnoses causes of problems and/or failures in a full range of power generation and distribution systems for the purpose of identifying equipment and/or systems repair and/or replacement needs.
  5. Identifies the root cause of issues and implements corrective actions.
  6. Tracks employee performance and efficiency to ensure performance objectives are met.
  7. Fosters an open and trustworthy relationship with the customer to build an exceptional customer service rating.
  8. Informs personnel regarding procedures and/or status of work orders for the purpose of providing information for making decisions, taking appropriate action and/or complying with building and safety regulations.
  9. Evaluates job plans and safety procedures to ensure they are compliant with current industry best practices.
  10. Plans future improvements to the power systems to ensure the customer demand is met 100% of the time.
  11. Requests equipment and supplies for the purpose of maintaining inventory and ensuring availability of items required to complete the necessary repairs and maintenance.
  12. Responds to emergency situations during or after hours for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns.
  13. Perform other duties as assigned.




  1. Knowledge of materials, methods, and tools involved in the construction and maintenance of power distribution systems, diesel generators, wind turbines, and solar panels.
  2. Electrical testing and calibrating equipment.
  3. A basic set of hand tools includes those most commonly used on the job, such as wrenches, pliers, a tape measure, a utility knife, sockets and screwdrivers to provide maintenance on already-installed HVAC systems.
  4. General office equipment.



Power Systems Manager will work in a variety of environments including industrial setting with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit as well as in an office setting. Physical activities include but are not limited to: bending, standing, sitting, walking, and lifting up to 40 lbs.




  1. Requires a high school diploma and Vocational training or equivalent.
  2. Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license.
  3. BS Degree Required Preference will be given to personnel with an engineering background.



  1. Minimum of 20 years' experience in Operating and maintaining large Diesel Generators, UPS Systems, Sub Station Maintenance, Photovoltaic Systems, and Power Plants.
  2. Experience as a Military Engineering Officer operating large utility programs strongly desired.
  3. Progressive experience working in the power industry leading to managing power plants and electrical distribution systems strongly desired.


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