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VMware, a core supporter of the Open vSwitch project (, is looking for a motivated software engineer to join their team working on the project. This includes enabling features needed from within VMware and making the project attractive to external entities.  You will have the authority and scope to apply your expertise in a fast-paced and technically-driven environment. Your responsibilities include:

        - Design and develop an open source switch/routing software stack that is being widely deployed.

        - Interact with third parties integrating Open vSwitch into their networking stacks.

        - Adapt fast-path and control interfaces to optimize forwarding on multiple software and hardware              platforms.

        - Implement and integrate new protocols.

        - Develop effective unit tests to validate correct operation of the software.

        - Troubleshoot and resolve customer issues.

Required Skills:

        - Excellent understanding of C.

        - Unix/Linux development/diagnostics/troubleshooting.

        - Strong experience with Python and shell scripting.

 An ideal candidate will have some of the following skills:

        - Experience working on relatively large user-space programs.

        - Experience implementing layer-2, layer-3 and/or layer-4 network protocols and technologies.

        - Experience developing networking software in the Linux kernel or various hypervisor platforms.

        - Experience with virtualization systems/hypervisors

        - Experience developing stateful layer-7 network applications such as firewall or IPS.

        - Driver-level development for complex networking hardware such as high-performance NICs or commercial silicon switching chips.


  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent

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Confirmed 20 hours ago. Posted 29 days ago.

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