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Trunk Club, a Nordstrom Company, is a Chicago-based personalized styling service for men and women, offering both virtual and in-person shopping options. Shoppers can visit Trunk Club’s retail Clubhouses in Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., for an in-person styling session or custom fitting for any occasion. For those who prefer an at-home experience, Trunk Club offers a virtual styling option, where a personal stylist sends a curated trunk of clothing to their home based on the customer’s style, fit, and lifestyle preferences. 

Working for Trunk Club

When you join Trunk Club, you join the Nordstrom family. Our fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment is paired with the strong history and experience of a retail legacy. We have access to some of the greatest minds in retail and technology and are constantly creating innovative strategies to develop the ultimate apparel solutions. We welcome your adaptability, your curiosity, and your passion to contribute to our unparalleled shopping experience! 

Who we are
We're building the future of retail, enabled through technology. Come talk to us if you’re passionate about the power of data-driven decisions, visual analytics, rapid development, and collaborating with rockstar data science and analytics teams that are just as excited about using data as you are.
On the Data Services team at Trunk Club, we believe data has the power to drive business forward, and we push every day to enable data-driven decisions across all aspects of the organization.  Our team is responsible for building and maintaining the enterprise data platform, building and maintaining new data solutions for all data consumers, and leading the charge on data visualization best practices.  We have hundreds of data sources, a robust enterprise data warehouse and use Tableau for visual analytics.  
We are currently implementing the next generation of data architecture using AWS; think decoupled storage and compute using S3 and Elastic Map Reduce, open source applications to enable flexibility, and low-latency, highly accurate centralized data for data science and analytics.  This next phase will require team members with experience in AWS, Python, SQL, Spark and Data Integration (API’s, FTP, etc.).
Who you are
You have first-hand experience building end-to-end data integration and data warehousing solutions for analytics teams.  You ideally have used AWS and open-source technologies for building and maintaining enterprise data platforms.  You are experienced at SQL and Python and are familiar with distributed systems.  If you have worked with Spark, that’s a bonus!  You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and are able to take a complex business request and transform it into a clean, simple data solution.
You are a quick learner and open to new ideas and technologies…and are willing to offer your own creative solutions as well!  You are comfortable working in teams, both internally and cross-functionally with our business users and fellow technology product and teams.  You have solid business acumen and are able to bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions with ease.  You have an agile mindset and believe in delivering smaller projects more quickly in order to provide value and gain feedback in a production environment.
How we work
We are a growing team of smart and passionate engineers and analysts. We like people who think independently and feel comfortable helping to drive the direction of the data analytics environment at Trunk Club. We are dedicated to providing the right data to the right people at the right time, and build platforms and solutions that make data available to all consumers (people and systems).  We firmly believe that data is the lifeblood that will bring Trunk Club to the next level by enabling the organization to tailor solutions to our customers’ preferences.
We pair...
We frequently pair program. We work at pairing stations - two keyboards, two monitors, one mind. We work in an open team room; no cubicles or private offices. Communication is key to our process, and we don't want to hinder it with walls.
We are agile...
Agile development methodologies mean different things to different people. We don’t believe in following a process for process’ sake. We ship frequently and focus on delivering incremental value day by day, week by week, we make the company better.
We value our people...
We spend time regularly working on whatever we’re interested in. We invest in our people by creating opportunities that combine our interests with what the company needs. We have lunch-and-learns, hack days, team outings, and encourage personal learning projects. Oh yeah, and we’ve got a forty-foot long bar.
Please DO NOT apply if:
  • You would feel like a fish out of water without a well-defined traditional corporate structure
  • You would consider taking out the trash as being below you
  • You're accustomed to using the phrase "it's not part of my job description"
Please DO apply if:
  • You’ve got a ton of experience but are willing to continue to grow and learn on the job
  • You are passionate about data democratization
  • You have on-the-job experience developing, testing and deploying production-worthy code
  • You're a closer - not a manager, a coordinator, or an idea person - but someone who loves to get stuff done, and done well (done means in production)
  • You are a go-to” person because you're reliable, creative, resourceful, a good decision maker, and generally one of the most capable people amongst your peers
  • You're articulate, persuasive, and a good listener
  • Your friends and former employers would gush about you and your awesomeness
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