Accountable for

·        Receive and validate customer purchase order process.

·        Logistics service execution from handover to LC up to cash collection support.

·        Single Point of Contact (POC) for all Delivery Operations (DO) Heads and Account Logistics Managers (ALM) escalation for a given pool.



Responsible for

·        Logistics service execution from logistics kickoff to handover to Logistics Coordinator and managing & monitoring logistics service execution up to final acceptance, including cash collection support.

·        One primary Point of Contact (POC) for each focus Order Management (OM) pool  :

o   Standardized process implementation

o   Workload balancing within OM Team and towards CG

o   1st Level escalation for CBT ALMs and DO Heads

o   To allocate, support and monitor; order execution and reporting on tasks requested from all DO Heads and CBT ALM in market.



·        Contributes to all logistics tasks in daily business/order execution, e.g. constraints solving and escalation management.

·        Contributes towards the enhancement of overall quality of processes and guidelines.


Prepares for order

·        Takes over from ALM and ensures master data availability and customer case materialized and planned for ordering.


Manages order (L*)

·        Receives customer purchase order.

·        Ensures opportunity ID (CRM) is linked to customer purchase order.

·        Performs order sanity check using checklist. In case of missing, unclear or wrong information, collaborates with SSM/TCC and F&C to ensure order correctness.

·        Classifies order by type: commodity (CG – LC) and complex (Nokia – ALC). In case of complex order, updates Cover head and sends acknowledgement report.

·        Completes order entry template (OET). Collaborates with F&C, CPM, SSM/TCC to ensure order correctness.

·        Coordinates ordering activities until final acceptance (-L700), in accordance with the project rollout plan (team) and in exceptional cases, transactions for complex orders,

·        Collaborates with CFO/F&C to collect cash process, when required.

·        Pre invoicing BoQ and SAP alignment with GS and F&C.

·        Ensure trade management compliance for deliveries.

·        Ensure compliance to LoC requirements, when/where applicable.

·        Customer interface for invoices and delivery reconciliations.

·        Pre shipment inspection coordination.

·        Identify correct source of supply and make sure it is used while ordering.

·        Additional tasks upon ALM's request/delegation based on competence level incl. performs last mile / DOP invoice verification, collects and documents SOX evidences, performs stock take activities as per legal requirements, solves constraints and manages escalations.




·        Coordinates logistics daily tasks in order to monitor and control logistics key performance indicators (KPI). E.g.: OTDr, Freight costs, PARD, L* to L100, FTCOR, FTOC.

·        Provides explanations and clarification, solves constraints and manages escalation.



·        Manages, guides and monitors logistics service execution (work of LCs).

·        Key User tasks when nominated

·        Support in demand planning management and pre sales activities, when nominated.





fNokia Global Operations

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