WB Games Montréal seeks a Technical Artist to work on all content-related technical decisions for our current gen console games. This can include visual R&D, performance monitoring, standard setting, as well as process and pipeline issues. The Senior Technical Artist also acts a liaison between Engineering and content creators. This person will also evaluate new technologies, supervise and monitor the development of pipelines and workflow and work with all disciplines to ensure that the Art team has the tools required to maintain optimum delivery of outstanding assets within technical limitations, solving technical problems when required. 
Job Responsibilities:


  • Evaluate new technologies, working closely with the Core Tech and Tools Team, as well as with other technical leadership groups.
  • Generate and maintain pipelines and processes, cross-discipline, working closely with tools and Core Tech Teams.
  • Evaluate and maintain game performance.
  • Be the first line of defense on the content side when a technical problem arises and work with artists and leads to ensure their work meets technical requirements.
  • Generate visual and technical targets, work closely with Graphics and Engine engineers to ensure that the technology is serving art requirements.
  • Work closely with game design to explore various solutions for the game’s needs.
  • Serve as a mentor for junior talent to grow in the field of Technical Art.

Work Experience Requirements


  • 8+ years of progressively complex game industry art experience in a technical position, and must have shipped at least two 3D titles and at least one on current-gen consoles.
  • Strong technical proficiency in understanding proprietary tools and technology.
  • Proven leadership skills, ability to communicate effectively verbally.

Education, Professional Training, Technical Training or Certification


  • 2D/3D art degree, architecture degree or equivalent, with excellent critique and vocabulary skills. BFA or equivalent preferred.



  • Excellent leadership, communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
  • Must be familiar with one or more types of 3D software (Maya, 3D Studio Max, Softimage, etc.).
  • Strong understanding of the game development process.
  • Strong understanding of methods of optimizing game art assets for game engines.
  • Strong understanding of MEL/Python/Maxscript.or similar systems required.
  • Experience with outsourced content and proven ability to work with outsourcing and external development teams.
  • A Strong understanding of modern 3D engines and the technology behind them. Familiarity with UE3 is a plus.
  • Solid experience and understanding of art/animation pipelines on PC, Xbox 360 and/or PS3.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of current art techniques and development processes.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and with deadlines.
  • Diligence with individual and team tasks, schedule and adherence to budget limitations.
  • Strong interest in computers or video games.
  • Strong troubleshooting skills.
  • Positive attitude and a desire to bring new ideas to the team.
  • Passion for making and playing great games, with an awareness of current titles and industry trends.

Other Requirements


  • Portfolio/website demonstrating your art skills, design sensibilities, and attention to detail desirable.

Management has the right to add or change duties and job requirements at any time.

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