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Strong customer relationships are core to Heap’s growth. It's a major competitive advantage and helps us win deals from more entrenched analytics players. In fact, it's one of the main reasons why customers love us so much, and why so few of them have churned:

Crazy impressed with @heap's customer service. Sent feedback on site, & <5 minutes got email response from A PERSON!

— lixelart (@lixelart) June 23, 2014

These guys have wicked fast response times. @heap They have my full endorsement.

— Kumar Thangudu (@datarade) June 6, 2014

@heap I love you. I love your product. And you have really good customer service. Our team really appreciates it. :)

— Kyu (Daniel) Lee (@danielkyulee) June 4, 2014

Thoroughly enjoying getting set up with @heap - their customer service is lightening fast #thanks

— Sam Mead (@samjamead) April 3, 2014

We'd like to maintain this level of quality as our customer base grows.

We're looking to hire a Customer Success Lead. This is a hybrid role combining account management, support, technical problem solving, and product thinking. You will:

  • Take a methodical approach to support. Good support goes beyond answering emails promptly. It's about distilling common patterns into actionable insights for the engineering team, codifying insights into our docs, and creating streamlined workflows for tracking issues.
  • Manage our customers and keep them happy. Happy customers are our biggest source of new customers. When someone has a pleasant interaction with us, they’re far more likely to evangelize Heap to their friends and colleagues. You’ll be proactive in reaching out and developing strong relationships with our customers.
  • Write marketing content and share success stories. You'll use our customers’ success stories to craft new content highlighting Heap at its best. This will include testimonials and case studies, both of which will play a large part in our marketing efforts.
  • Communicate technical concepts clearly. Heap plays a day-to-day role for a wide range of people: engineers, marketers, product managers, designers, data scientists. But analytics concepts can sometimes be confusing. You'll ensure customers get the most out of Heap by teaching them sound data principles.
  • Become more knowledgeable about Heap than anyone else. Support for a feature is often provided by the person who built that feature. As such, we think it’s important you have full context on every part of the product.
  • Be comfortable with uncertainty. Since we still have much to learn about customer success, you'll be responsible for figuring out what it takes to keep our users happy. Should we implement live chat on the site? Or maybe host a get-together for our customers?


Job Requirements:

  • Web development experience. You should be comfortable with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Heap was in Y Combinator’s W13 batch. Soon after, we raised a $2M seed round from Ron Conway, Ram Shriram, Sam Altman, Garry Tan, Alexis Ohanian, Harj Taggar, and others.

We work in SF and can cover relocation costs. We'd love to hear from you! Email us at with reasons as to why you'd make a great fit.

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