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“Apply to Dable, the No. 1 personalized content recommendation platform in Asia!”

Dable is a content discovery platform with a mission, “To Connect Users, Media, and Content”.

Dable, headquartered in Korea, was established by the best local personalized recommendation team in 2015, who hold over 10 years of experience at at Naver, NC Soft, and SK Planet. Based on its big data and personalization technology, Dable provides high-quality personalized content recommendation services such as ‘Content you may like', by analyzing the content consumed by media website visitors in real time.

At present, Dable provides services to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. It also has partnerships with over 2,500 global premium media including MBC, SBS, Chosun Ilbo, Ettoday, NOWnews, Businesstoday, Liputan6, Suara, Tempo, Thanhnien, Bongda, Tienphong, Malaysiakini, Feminine, and Nanyang Siang Pau.

Dable would like to welcome candidates who resonate with our vision and culture and are willing to grow together as a team.

[Excellent Technology]

Dable holds world-class big data processing and machine learning technology. Through its massive data infrastructure and technology, it collects 25 billion user behavior pattern data and provides more than 10 billion personalized recommendation solutions targeting 500 million MAUs per month. Dable is proud to connect technology and the world.

[Rapid Growth]

Currently, Dable is showing many signs of rapid growth through its aggressive expansion. After 7 months into launching its personalized content recommendations service, Dable has provided customized news to 66 million users per month, formed partnerships with over 600 media in 2017 and became rooted as Korea’s No. 1 content discovery platform. In 2015, Dable’s annual revenue which was only KRW80million, recorded a total KRW7.5billion in 2017, KRW13.6billion in 2018, KRW19billion in 2019 and is expecting to reach KRW30billion in 2020.

[Global Service]

Dable entered the overseas market based on its excellent technology and expanded its service countries from Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan in 2017 to Vietnam in 2018 and Malaysia in 2019. Today, Dable stands as the most used personalized recommendation platform in Indonesia and Vietnam, and ranks second in Taiwan. More than 20% of Dable’s total employees are foreigners, and in 2019 Dable achieved a total revenue of KRW1.7billion just from overseas. Dable will accelerate its overseas business with the goal of “Asia's No.1 content discovery platform”.

[Investment and Awards]

At Dable, only the best experts in the fields of big data, machine learning, and web development are at work. Dable proved his outstanding technological skills by being awarded the 2015 K-Global DB-Stars Grand Prize from the Minister of MSIT, the 2016 Korea Online Advertising Grand Prize, the 2017 TIPS Award Grand Convention and the 2019 Ministry of Science and ICT Grand Prize. In addition, Dable has been recognized for its excellent personalized recommendation technology and global business potential, and successfully secured investments of approximately KRW8.2billion from leading domestic investors such as NHN Payco, Samsung Ventures, Kakao Ventures, Stonebridge Ventures, and DSC Investment.

Media Partnership Manager (Contractor)

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • This is a 12 months contractor position, and contract can be extended or converted to full-time.

Dable provides content recommendation solutions to help online publishers grow their businesses. You'll provide innovative, industry-leading online advertising solutions for publishers/developers and proactively identify new opportunities in the market.

As a Media Partnership Manager at Dable Market Development team, you will drive our business and partnerships in Malaysia market from start to finish. You will directly acquire and manage web publishers in Malaysia, helping them to continually enhance user experience and grow further with Dable solutions. You’ll also work closely with our product team to customize our solution to meet local customer expectations. You don't just execute; you're a true thought leader who can see multiple steps ahead and identify industry trends and key opportunities. You are responsible for our partnerships with media publishers and other key players involved in Malaysia ad tech industry.

🗝Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute Malaysia market expansion strategies.
  • Promote the adoption and optimal usage of Dable’s personalized recommendation solution at web publishers.
  • Identify and prioritize partner opportunities; grow and develop online publishers’ accounts strategically.
  • Collaborate with product development team to meet local customer expectations.


👨💻 Who you are

✔ Minimum Qualifications

  • BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • 3~5 years of industry experience in the ad tech, digital marketing, online media field.
  • Ability to speak and write in English and Bahasa Malaysia fluently and idiomatically. Knowledge of Chinese is desirable although not required.
  • Ability to structure, analyze, and solve complex business problems, as well as deliver impact against concrete business goals.
  • Ability to work with little or no guidance. Ability to independently identify and pursue the most strategic opportunities.

➕ Preferred Qualifications

  • Profound experience in partnership and account management; demonstrated ability to acquire and negotiate with new partners/clients.
  • Experience in internet, advertising, e-commerce, publishing, and/or online services.
  • Project management experience focused on processes and efficiency improvement.
  • Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
  • Ability to travel as required.

❗ Please submit your English resume and expect English interview.

❗ This position is limited to applicants residing in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor.


🍭 Life & Culture of a Dabler

👉 Work wherever you want

  • Remote work every Thursday (optional)
  • Maximum 10 days of additional remote work per year
  • Gain global business experience through business trips to our overseas offices for a month (Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia etc.) upon request

👉 Work however you want

  • Flexible working hours (8 hours per day)
  • Birthday vacation of half-day (4 hours) granted

👉 Vacation is a right

  • Vacation can be used in an hourly basis, without any approval.

👉 10 Suggestions for Happy Dablers


All about Dable Culture

Our Values

🔎 “Pursuing Evolution Through Small Failures and Quick Learning”

How We Work

1. Self-Motivated

Simply do your best to reach a given goal (X)

→ Think and achieve what can make a more important contribution to the corporate vision

2. Light and swift

Create a perfect new service through accurate research (X)

→ Create an evolving service through repeating swift and light failures

3. Data-driven decision making

This UI is more pretty and sophisticated (X)

→ As a result of AB testing for 7 days, this UI was higher in both click through rate and retention

🔎 The 12 Principles to Create a Good Product

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