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Y Combinator has a small team that makes the software that runs YC. Hardly any investors write software, but YC was started by hackers so it's natural for us to solve our problems that way. Having software is part of why we're able to do things no other investor does.

The YC software is used by a relatively small number of people—mostly the YC partners and founders—but the users are sufficiently important that we are able to have huge leverage through them. YC has ambitious plans to create more innovation in the world, and the only way to reach that level of impact is to scale through software.

For an example of the kind of thing we're working on, check out this blog post.

Who we're looking for

YC was started by hackers, so we recognize good hackers when we see them. Much like when we read applications for startups, we're looking to work with people who generally impress us. That can take many forms and is not necessarily related to computers.

This is a good job for a someone who is passionate about startups and interested in learning more about them. You should have worked at or started a startup.

The software team has a lot of individual responsibility and access to sensitive information, so we need to hire people we can trust. Your ability to make good trade-offs and exercise good judgement is particularly important to us.

Things we use

The YC internal software is mostly written in Ruby on Rails. We also use: JavaScript, React, AWS, and PostgreSQL. Some experience developing web apps would be helpful, but we don't care if you've used Rails before.

Note: Hacker News is written in Lisp, but Hacker News is run by a separate team. While we don't use Lisp anymore in our internal software, we retain the original motivation for it, and welcome Lisp hackers to join us.

Location & Benefits

The YC software team is based in downtown SF. We can help you move here, but don't hire people who want to work remotely.

We offer standard startup benefits, including equity in YC. As a member of YC, you'll also have opportunities to get to know a lot of the best people in the startup world.

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