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The Launch Squad at DoorDash is a special ops team that can drop into a market and operationalize a city in a matter of weeks. Launchers must have a unique combination of hustle, creativity, brains, and charm. The Launcher role is one of the most physically, emotionally, and mentally draining roles at the company. It is also one of the most rewarding. We are the team that travels the world building DoorDash, so we only hire the best. What You’ll Do: Research your city and understand the restaurant landscape, delivery pain points, and market opportunity for DoorDash. Recruit and educate the founding Dasher drive team in each new market so the supply side is ready for the DoorDash launch. Set up partnerships with restaurants and manage local relationships. Develop and execute a marketing strategy to encourage early adoption and market penetration. Source, interview, and hire the local team to run the city when you leave for your next mission. What You Must Be: Above all, you must be a total hustler. Launchers live in the trenches and love it. A quarterback; you must thrive in a fast-paced environment and make decisions with imperfect information. We have written the playbook, it is your job to execute and call market specific audibles. Strategic; we are constantly learning and finding new ways to refine our model and better serve our customers. As the eyes and the ears on the ground, you must be able to identify delivery pain points and develop solutions. A strong leader; Launchers lead from the front; we don’t push from the back. We are always on the field and no job is beneath our team. Quick on your feet; As the initial touch point for restaurant partners in a new market, you must be able to quickly find ways to understand and meet the needs of our restaurant owners. Relentless; we don’t take no for an answer. Whether it is a customer or a new restaurant partner, we find ways to get the job done. A true generalist; you can perform all functions of our business well. From partnering with restaurants, performing customer support, orienting drivers, and putting together marketing activities, you can do it all. High energy; if you are concerned about work/life balance, this job is not for you. Our Launch Squad is on the road over 300 days per year. Preferred Background: 3+ years consulting or startup operations experience (or related) Experience creating, executing and tracking a marketing plan Prior experience working cross-functionally in a high execution oriented environment Success executing business development opportunities or negotiating partnerships BA degree; (MBA a-plus)

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