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About ConsenSys

ConsenSys is a venture production studio and the leading global blockchain technology firm. Our mission is to transform the emerging economic, social, and political operating systems of the planet by building and scaling applications, disruptive startups, and enterprise software products empowered by decentralized technology, specifically Ethereum. If you are someone that thrives in a fast-paced environment where being self-directed, determined, and resilient are a requirement, we would love for you to join us.

About Cofi OS

Cofi OS is a technology stack developed by ConsenSys, partly open sourced, and compatible with all projects related to financial assets. Cofi OS enables the issuance, management and transfer of "tokenized" financial assets in a completely secure way, and in compliance with regulations in an automated manner. Cofi OS was designed to be compliant with financial market requirements, including the European market. It proves to be a particularly relevant technology for the "tokenization" of non-listed shares, specifically the shares of Venture Capital funds, Private Equity funds, or the shares of real estate investment companies.

The "tokenization" of financial assets delivers important benefits for investors and issuers: • ​Operational efficiency​: simplification and reduction of costs related to the issuance, management and transfer of assets. • ​Market expansion​: broaden potential investor base through a simpler acquisition process and lower minimum entry tickets. • ​Additional features​: opening/simplification of a secondary market, and easier transmission of information between issuers and investors. Interoperability is a major challenge in the context of "tokenization," as only a solution for issuing generic financial assets that is compatible with a maximum number of blockchain platforms can facilitate adoption. The interoperability of Cofi OS is based on:

  • An open-source standard specifically designed for financial assets (ERC1400), shared and reviewed by the Ethereum community, and backward compatible with the most widely used standard (ERC20).
  • Combination of Ethereum private networks (to meet the challenges of scalability, privacy, and finality of transactions) and the public network (for interoperability) with the ability to transfer securities from one network to another in a secure manner. • Using Ethereum blockchain technology, that today has the largest developer community in the world (+400K).

About the role As Full Stack Engineer at ConsenSys you will be joining a world reference technical team with State of the Art expertise in developing & delivering advanced decentralized applications (Ðapps). Your job will be to take part on developments of Decentralized Applications on both Back End and Front End sides, you will participate on developments capitalization and you will play a significant role in raising the team's level of competencies.

Job requirements


● 2+ years experience programming Single-Page Applications with React/Redux or similar Front End frameworks

● 2+ years experience programming with a Back-End language such as Python, Node or Java

● Familiarity with agile environment using tools s​uch as Jira, Asana, GitLab board, Kanban...

Bonus points for

● Experience with SQL databases

● Experience with Docker

● Understanding Blockchain technology, especially Ethereum

● Contribution to Open-Source projects

● Experience with microservices architectures

Other skills to demonstrate

● Excellent verbal and written communication in French and English

● Teamwork, flexibility, initiative, communication and organisation

● Willingness to constantly learn & improve, challenging yourself to stay at the top of your game

Why join ConsenSys?

Here are some of the perks of being part of a unique organization like ConsenSys

● The forefront of a revolution.​ At ConsenSys we fundamentally believe that a next generation of technologies presents the opportunity to create a more just and equitable society. We believe that there is an opportunity to bring the remaining ​2 billion unbanked​ people into the global economy and to radically transform our society for the enrichment of humankind

● A dynamic startup environment.​ ConsenSys is a thought leader in the blockchain space and we are absorbing a significant portion of the mindshare. This is both exciting and challenging, as we learn to scale our organization while adhering to the principles of decentralization

● Deep technical challenges.​ This entire ecosystem is less than 10 years old. Ethereum itself is still a toddler. There is much to be done before these platforms can scale to the order of millions or billions of users. ConsenSys is building the technology platforms that can get us to those next thresholds of scale

● Continuous learning and improvements.​ You’ll be constantly exposed to new concepts, ideas and frameworks from your peers and as you work on different projects -- challenging you to stay at the top of your game

● ConsenSys was named a ​Top 100 FinTech company​ by ​KPMG's 2016 Fintech Innovators report

A few important things to know

● Some travel could be required.​ Projects may be on client sites, so our team members need to be flexible and up for travel. We do our best to take people’s personal situations into account, but we know it’s not for everyone

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