Cyber Analyst (Government)


AT&T Public Sector Solutions is currently seeking a Cyber Analysts to provide Subject Matter Expertise and analytic support to J2, JFSCC (US SPACE Command).

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessing foreign state and non-state cyber activities, programs and capabilities, to include intentions, capabilities, research and development, tactics, and operational activities; and network characterization, and develop insights into the components, structures, use and vulnerabilities of foreign space and counter-space information systems. 
  • Assess foreign military cyber operations, strategy and doctrine as well as assess the impact or potential effects on processes, networks, and information technologies.
  • Providing operational intelligence for state and non-state cyber actor military and civil cyberspace activities and capabilities in support of operations and planning and the defense of space architecture.
  • Supporting the development, execution, and refinement of warning problems and associated indicators.
  • Monitor and report on relevant adversary strategic and theater Operational Readiness and Disposition.

Required Skills, Experience, and Education

  • Ability to lead teams (researching multifaceted or critical problems)
  • Demonstrates comprehensive mission knowledge and skills that affirm completion of all developmental training and experiences.
  • Knowledge of, and demonstrates ability to apply IC and DOD classification guidelines and procedures.
  • Demonstrates ability to work independently with minimal oversight and direction
  • Demonstrates ability to collaborate and work with other IC members on information sharing, driving collection, and addressing analytic disputes and conflict resolution.
  • Demonstrates ability to use logic when evaluating and synthesizing multiple sources of information.
  • Demonstrates understanding of interpreting analysis to include, but not limited to its meaning, importance, and implications.
  • Demonstrates ability to defend analytic judgements with sound, logical conclusions and adapt analytic judgments when presented with new information, evolving conditions, or unexpected developments.
  • Demonstrates proficiency using Microsoft Office tools.
  • Demonstrates ability to develop concise, insightful, and comprehensive products for defense intelligence.
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate understanding from information that may be incomplete, indirect, complex, seemingly unrelated, and/or technically advanced.
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate complex issues clearly in a concise and organized manner verbally, non-verbally, and in written form; with strong grammar skills.
  • Demonstrates ability to develop structured research including, but not limited to, obtaining, evaluating, organizing, and maintaining information within security and data protocols.
  • Demonstrates ability to recognize nuances and resolve contradictions and inconsistencies in information.
  • Demonstrates ability to working knowledge using complex analytic methodologies, such as structured analytic techniques or alternative approaches to examine biases, assumptions, and theories to eliminate uncertainty, strengthen analytic arguments, and mitigate surprise. (ACH, Devil’s Advocacy, High-Impact/Low-Impact analysis, Red Team Analysis, and Alternative Futures Analysis)
  • Use argument evaluation and validated analytic methodologies to challenge perspectives.
  • Demonstrates understanding of intelligence collection capabilities and limitations.
  • Demonstrates understanding evaluating collected information reporting, ability to engage with collection managers, develop collection requirements.
  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience, at least 4 within the last 4 years.
  • Minimum education: Bachelors’ degree from a college or university accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Required Clearance:

TOP SECRET/SCI security clearance

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