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DescriptionJob Summary The MGH Institute of Health Professions,an independent graduate school in Boston, MA, invites applications for a termlecturer position to teach our fully online course: Introduction to Chemistryfor the Health Professions. This position is contracted on asemester-basis. Semesterreappointments will depend on budget and performance.

Allapplications must include: (1) a cover letter summarizing teaching interests,experience and philosophy; (2) a complete curriculum vitae; and (3) contactinformation for three references (include title, affiliation, mailing address,e-mail address, and telephone number). Review of applications will beginimmediately and continue until position is filled.

Course Descriptions:

Online Intro to Chemistry for Health Professions

Thiscourse introduces the basic concepts of chemistry and integrates a range oftopics and concepts with a focus on how these topics relate to health care.which are crucial to health science majors. Selected areas of GeneralChemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry will be addressed throughphysiology and pharmacology with emphasison how structure, properties, and reactions of matter relate to health and theenvironment. Throughout the course learners will discuss how chemistry isinvolved in everyday life and its application to clinical settings.

General Chemistry 2

GeneralChemistry for the Health Science (II) is a second part of the course ininorganic chemistry and also contains a chapter of organic and bio-chemistry.The course includes properties of solutions, intermolecular forces, chemicalkinetics and chemical equilibrium, acid-base properties, chemicalthermodynamics and electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, chemistry of non-metalsand transition metals, and chemistry of life and environment. The topicscovered will be crucial for your understanding and success in future sciencecourses at the Institute of Health Professions and in graduate study in yourchosen profession. As often as possible we will examine how these topics relateto other subjects such as physiology and pharmacology. The topics in this coursewill be explained and discussed in the context of clinical applications tovarious health professions, such as nursing, physical therapy, occupationaltherapy, pharmacy etc.

Thecourse has a required online laboratory component to it. The laboratory assignmentsguide students in building problem-solving skills and mastering the contentaddressed in the course.

Course Content:

Online Intro to Chemistry for Health Professions

  • Matter, Measurement, Atoms and Elements Proteins
  • Molecules, Compounds, Equations, ChemicalQuantities and Aqueous Reactions
  • Gases, Thermochemistry
  • The model of the Atom, Periodic Properties ofthe Elements
  • Chemical Bonding I and II
  • Liquids, Solids, Intermolecular forces andSolutions
  • Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium
  • Acids and Bases, Aqueous Ionic Equilibrium
  • Free Energy and Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

General Chemistry 2

  • Liquid and Intermolecular Forces
  • Properties of Solutions
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Acid-Base Equilibria
  • Periodic Properties of the Elements
  • Basics of Chemical Bonding
  • Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories 
  • Gases
  • Solids and Modern Materials

The term lecturer will:

  • Complete the online trainingprogram Extend Your Impact.
  • Provide anonline course in Desire to Learn (D2L) that addresses each of the topics listedabove.
  • Provide high quality instruction toall students delivered fully in the online environment throughout the semester.
  • Teachingresponsibilities include:
  • Timely production and publication of course syllabus
  • Overall responsibility for maintaining accurate onlinecourse materials throughout the semester
  • Timely and thorough delivery of content using multiplemedia resources as appropriate
  • Regular and responsive interaction with students inweekly discussions
  • Regular and responsive assessment of studentperformance including grading
  • Regular and responsive student mentoring and support,including designated (virtual) office hours.
  • Thereis an existing online course—does not need to be created from scratch. 

QualificationsOnline Introduction to Chemistry Required Qualifications:

  • Earned master’s degree in chemistry
  • Experience in education of health care providers
  • Experience in teaching online learners

Online Introduction to Chemistry Preferred:

  • Earned Doctoral Degree in Chemistry
  • Demonstration of supporting student success in interactiveonline instruction

General Chemistry 2 Qualifications:

  • Earned Doctoral Degree in Chemistry
  • Experience in education of health care providers
  • Experience in teaching online learners

General Chemistry 2 Preferred:

  • Demonstration of supporting student success in interactiveonline instruction

Primary Location: MA-Charlestown-MGH IHP

Work Locations:

MGH IHP (MGHCharlestownIHP)

36 First Avenue

Charlestown, 02129

Job: Teaching/Faculty

Organization: Massachusetts General Hospital(MGH)

Schedule: Per Diem

Employee Status: Temporary

Job Posting: Jul 15, 2019

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