Pharmacy Intern - 4th Year



During the first summer of the internship, you will be trained in pharmacy operations to include IV admixtures, decentralized pharmacy model, central pharmacy operations, pharmacy satellite services in the operating rooms and transplant services, and oncology. The time commitment expected is 40 hours/week with alternating day/evening/weekend work (every third weekend); During the school year, we are expecting the interns to work 1 out of every third weekend only with no time commitment during the week. There will be no holiday commitment, but you will be expected work around the holidays (e.g., Christmas break, etc.).


 Accurately completes departmental documentation and billing by the end of each scheduled shift in accordance with department procedures. Examples included, but are not limited to, dispensing and compounding records, refrigerator logs, hood-cleaning records, chemotherapy compounding records, patient/department billing, and controlled substance delivery records.
• Assists the pharmacist with medication distribution, including but not limited to filling medication orders, preparing IV admixtures/chemotherapy and controlled substance orders, maintaining patient profiles, performing prepacking, delivering medications, and exchanging emergency medication carts.
• Assists the pharmacist with medication review, including but not limited to computer order entry, monitoring allergies, enforcing formulary decisions, and evaluating drug interactions.
• Develops and maintains a clean, organized, and adequately stocked work environment.
• Effectively uses information systems, robotics, and other applications to prepare medication labels, assist with dispensing medications, and prepare drug information responses.
• Progressively, over 3 years, will assist the Drug Use and Disease State Management Program by reviewing physician prescribing practices, assisting with design of formulary decisions, and evaluating medication error and adverse event experience.
• Where applicable, completes clinical workload documentation (manual or electronic) by the end of each scheduled shift in accordance with Department procedures.


Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

  • Act 34 Criminal Clearance

UPMC is an equal opportunity employer. Minority/Females/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities

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