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* 2+ years of agency experience (preferred) or related communication industry experience that provides an understanding of advertising, marketing, paid and social media, creative, production, research, direct marketing, finance, etc.
* BA required with a preferred concentration in advertising, communications or marketing.
* Strong presentation and writing skills
* Strong listening and interpersonal skills
* Strategic thinker
* Management and team-building skills
* Must be highly organized and detail oriented in a production intensive environment.
* Proficient in MS Office Suite or Mac equivalent.

Key Characteristics/Desired Competencies:
* Lives by the GSD&M core values of Integrity, Community, Curiosity, Restlessness, Freedom and Responsibility, Winning
* Is a positive, proactive and collaborative team member
* Is a problem-solver
* Guides, advises and stimulates junior team members in order to develop the agency's account leadership talent.
* Builds strong, trusting relationships internally.

External Description

You, as an Account Manager, are the backbone of the account team. You are closest to every project on the status report, and you understand how every one of those projects relates back to the bigger goals of the brand. You are the champion of "flawless execution" and serve as the ambassador to lead the creative process from briefing to presentation and production through release. The ideal team member is someone who is eternally optimistic, an exceptional communicator, organizational expert and an advocate for cross-departmental integration.

Position-Specific Responsibilities/Duties:
Sweat the Small Stuff
Nailing the everyday tasks is one way to ensure that your account will run smoothly. Managing job change forms, owning status reports, overseeing estimates/billing, crafting and distributing conference reports and meeting agendas, helping with meeting prep--having all of these expected things in place and moving seamlessly allows you and your team to focus on the things that make a difference.

Own the Process
To a senior account leader, there is nothing more comforting than someone who always delivers. Lead the creative process from briefing to presentation, and production through release. Problem-solve, find solutions and remove roadblocks to great work. Be best friends with your Project Manager. It is your responsibility to be sure that your PM always understands what's hot, what's coming up and what we should be preparing for in the future. Work with that partner closely to be sure we are getting the most advantageous resources and timing. Make it your personal mission to make every client meeting a successful meeting. Take the time to think through who is attending, what is important to them and what we should focus on to make them feel special.
Champion Intelligent and Inspiring Strategy
Understand strategy and ensure that it translates into day-to-day account activity. Know your client's business and how the creative work answers to that strategy. This includes paying the price to know the real problem--the deep issue in culture, the category or business that the client may not see.

Fuel Creativity
Creative is not a department. Engage in the work and partner with your creative teams to come to an end product that meets clients' needs and delivers cutting-edge, smart and creative work. Inspire ideas and build on others. Everything you do is in service of the work.

Be a Trusted Client Partner
Nurture relationships. This goes for both the client side, with everyone from the CMO's Admin to the Marketing Research Manager, and for relationships with the other agencies with whom we must partner for client success. Know their business, how they make and how they lose money. Track results and lead optimization. Help our clients be heroes in their own organization. Most importantly, always do what you say you're going to do--ensure the agency delivers.
Remain Curious
Hone your craft--keep up with the competitive landscape and relevant cultural trends in search of insights and truths to inspire big ideas and new thinking amongst the team.

Maximize Talent
Train, guide and empower the Assistant Account Managers and Interns. Share your knowledge and provide learning opportunities for the next generation that will better the agency in the end.

Be Unflappable
Demonstrate a commanding presence, but listen. When it's your meeting, lead the conversation but incite participation. Organize the chaos and calm the waters.
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