Internship - Formal State Inspection From Log Records for Stream Processing Platform


Duration: 3-6 months


Bell Labs has an opportunity for a student to join our Application Platforms and Software Systems research lab in Antwerp for an internship in the area of stateful stream processing.



The student will design, build and test a real time system state checker for an in-house distributed stream processing platform by post-processing log messages generated by various components of the platform.



The monitoring subsystem of our in-house distributed stream processing platform, collects log messages generated by different components of the platform. We would like to build a state-checker infrastructure that based on the collected log events, models the behavior of our platform; e.g. as a state machine with transitions that can be driven by such trace log events.

Building such tool involves addressing issues such as machine parsing of messages, multi-node synchronization (e.g. via logical clocks), modeling state machine behavior based on visible changes to the system,  detecting the absence of events (e.g. timeout-based triggers),...


Key Responsibilities:

·       The student will conduct a focused survey on related work and existing technologies

·       Will design and implement his/her system model and state-checker

·       Submit a final report and give a presentation to the research team



·       Enrolled student in Master in Computer Science

·       Familiarity with the following items is a plus

o   distributed system  concepts and tools (e.g. vector clocks, behavior modeling tools)

o   regexp or equivalent text extraction tools

o   log processing and management technologies (e.g. ELK stack)

o   distributed tracing (e.g. OpenZipkin/OpenTracing)

·       Language skills: a working proficiency of English

·       Communication skills: be able to fluently present his work to a team of experts



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