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Shopify’s recruitment team is growing rapidly and we need technical recruiters. It is not necessary that you are a recruiter right now. In fact, we have a different outlook on the recruiting industry and an unconventional process to find and hire the best. If the following interests you, then please get in touch so we can discuss it further. Recruiting Great recruiters are genuinely interested in people and enjoy conversations. They are curious about humans, how we function, how we act and react. Recruiters have the ability to actively listen and gain a deep understanding of a candidate's past experiences. Their motivation is to gain a clear understanding of someones life story and to uncover the theme of their path so far. The best recruiters have an insane capability of learning new things quickly. Before you can engage and inform those outside of Shopify about our business and the needs we have, you need to fully understand it yourself. Continuous learning is an absolute must. Our growth trajectory demands this person to be a workhorse. There is really no way around this and you need to understand the implications of this pace and our growth before you sign up to work here in a recruiting capacity. This is not necessarily about long hours but about intensity and getting a massive amount of work done. We need someone who can push the needle. Shopify recruiters must be gritty enough to get through hundreds of applications that may seem 'good' and be patient for the candidates who are great. We will not settle. Our only option is to hire people who will increase the average employee calibre and make Shopify better. Great recruiters are technical and analytical. They don't need to know how to code, however, they need to be interested in technology. Genuine curiosity is inherent in great recruiters. Recruiters are typically labelled as “great talkers” who can sell candidates on awesome opportunities. However, it’s less about being a salesperson and more about being able to effectively communicate the problems we’re solving at Shopify and how we’re solving them. Shopify is an extremely unique environment with numerous career opportunities. Our goal is to attract the right people for these challenging roles! Above all, recruiting is about listening. Listening shouldn’t be a chore to recruiters but comes naturally to those who are able to engage and be curious about someone’s life story. Good recruiters will make candidates feel comfortable with whatever is on their mind. At Shopify, we try to stay away from conventional interviewing Q&A tactics and instead engage candidates in a discussion around their life story and the things they've done.

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