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**We are no longer accepting applications for the Fall 2015 term. We'll be starting the recruitment process for the Winter term (January - April 2016) as of August 24th. All applications will be reviewed and responded to after that date.** If you are applying as part of your school's internship or co-op program, please indicate this in your cover letter. The Shopify platform hosts over 160,000 active online stores around the world, ranging from shops run by small budding entrepreneurs, to big names like Tesla Motors, Foo Fighters, Herschel, Lollapalooza, Tattly and BlackMilk. We've helped thousands achieve their dream of running a successful online business and continue to do so! Shopify is one of the largest and best-known Rails applications and we're a big part of the Rails community. Our team includes former Rails Core Alumni, O'Reilly authors, and open source project contributors. We've released lots of open source projects extracted from Shopify code, such as ActiveMerchant, Dashing, Liquid and a host of other gems used by Rails developers around the world. We are renowned for our gorgeous UI, our customizable templating system, and our developer API and ecosystem, including our own App Store and Theme Store. WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? We're looking for passionate developers to join the Shopify gang for both 4 to 8 month terms. We want someone who loves clean code, TDD, and pair programming. If you spend your spare time challenging yourself with side projects or open source projects, keep up to date on the latest developments and techniques, and love to hack on cool new projects just for fun, then keep reading! What I want to see if you apply is everything that you do that demonstrates a passion for development, and initiative beyond school requirements. Do you hack on your own projects? Organize events or mentoring sessions? Attend monthly meet ups? Build at Hackathons? Contribute to open source projects? Seek out challenges and other learning opportunities? If you do, tell me about it! HERE IS WHAT YOUR DAY MAY BE LIKE: Start your day (at 10:30!) with a fresh bagel on Tuesday’s Bagel day! Develop cool new upcoming features that will directly affect our merchants Use TDD to write rock-solid, beautiful code Team up with a designer to make your feature look world-class Improve the performance of Shopify after seeing a bottleneck in our real-time profiling and monitoring tools Talk about the latest programming languages, tools and frameworks with other developers, over freshly prepared lunches On Hack days, work on something totally different and fun - maybe your own Shopify app or a cool tech-art project for one of the wall mounted TVs in the office TEAMS YOU COULD WORK ON API iOS and Android Security Data + Analytics Support + Apps Financial Operations Growth Site Reliability Data engineering Schooling and 100 years of experience is not a requirement here at Shopify. We feel that the best way to get experience and knowledge is not always in the typical classroom, but through practical experience, toil and passion. We pride ourselves in hiring motivated and creative individuals that truly love what they do. If you love code and want work in a relaxed, open development environment, come join Shopify! Click on "Apply to this job", fill in your information, attach your resume, and any code samples you want to show off, and we'll be in touch! Coming from out of town? No worries! We'll cover your roundtrip travel at the beginning and end of the term. *We typically receive 200+ resumes each month, but we respond to every application! If you have a strict timeline greater than 3-4 weeks (other offer, Co-op program deadlines, etc), let us know in your cover letter and we'll do our best to respond to you quickly. Please make your cover letter out to Jenn Vanden Elzen.

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