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What you can expect to work on in this role: Work with other engineering teams to: Scale existing applications to handle increased #webscale Bring new platforms online, such as hadoop clusters, cassandra nodes, or redshift servers Improve shared libraries and practices around authentication, logging, alerting, and monitoring Work primarily within our Infrastructure team to: Enhance infrastructure security, including VPC hardening and Security Group modifications using Ansible Manage network configurations within our AWS VPC and VPN Strengthen our DDoS and intrusion prevention systems via WAF injection, ELB configuration, and auto-scaling Lock down access to our systems by implementing Google Apps integration, ldap, or similar Own the budget and auditing of our cloud configuration, including using a tool like Scout to audit for changes to our infrastructure Infrastructure Engineers are primarily responsible for Linux system administration, platform engineering, and infrastructure management. Questions like: What CIDR should I pick for my VPC in us-west? How many distinct subnets should it have? You have 4 cloud instances that need to have high-read, low-write access to the same filesystem. How should you achieve that while ensuring HA? We want to release two applications on different stacks (F & R) in lock-step because they communicate over fast-evolving, unversioned REST APIs. You must ensure that an app of one vintage never talks to an app of another vintage, i.e. Fv0 never talks to Rv1, only Rv0. How would you provision and configure such applications? You'll be effective if you: Treat data integrity and confidentiality as a first-class citizen in everything you build Have ample experience with cloud providers (e.g. AWS or DigitalOcean) Are well-versed in at least one modern web application architecture stack Live and breath continuous delivery automation Are comfortable with a variety of scripting languages like Bash, Ruby, Python Have experience with deployment automation tools like Ansible or Puppet Have experience with application load balancing solutions for scaling and High Availability Thrive in a startup environment About the right team member: You add scripts to your toolbox on a daily basis because you never want to type the same thing twice. Your dotfiles repo on GitHub has been forked dozens of times. You believe GUIs are too slow. You built a website on a stack you’d never used before one weekend because someone on Twitter said something that kinda sounded fun. You have strong opinions about what security groups should be named. Tools in your belt: Everything but the kitchen sink. But if you want a list… Bash, Amazon Web Services, CentOS, Ansible, Puppet, Java, Gradle, Ruby, Python, Node, Nginx, Tomcat, Puma, Passenger, MySQL, Postgresql At Betterment, you’re going to… Measure all the things Secure all the things Automate all the things

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