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Is this you? You value each client’s individual experience You’re an advocate for the client, big or small You enjoy helping different people and different personality types Your thirst for knowledge is never quenched—you’re researching the newest feature or latest industry blog between calls You respond to the client’s urgency with empathy and positivity You’re sensitive and patient with our non-technical users, from clearing a cache to explaining the newest mobile application in a way that they understand, but can speak to our tech junkies as well Your life is balanced between work, wellness, gaming, socializing, family, and all the other things you love to do You are a self-described nerd—whether its computers or yoga—living life with passion and enthusiasm You are adaptable and can speak the client’s language This is our customer: Our clients are diverse—over 30,000 businesses, spanning nearly 100 countries, and industries from yoga to massage to martial arts to salon They are compassionate practitioners on the front lines of the health and wellness of the world They treat their customers well, and expect us to do the same They value human interaction and appreciate real conversation over a script Their dreams and livelihood our in our hands—they trust us to support them 24/7 While not always tech savvy, they are people savvy—they love their business and love their customers even more This is us: We let you be you We are Software as a Service, with Service as the key word Customer Service is the face of MINDBODY, on the front line of our business We provide world class customer service, no matter where we are in the world We are constantly evolving, adding target industries, mobile applications, and new features to support We have an open door policy because we don't have doors—our managers and supervisors sit with their teams We have inherent trust and open communication between all team members to support everyone’s needs—no micromanagement needed when we’re all treated as adults We’re a push, not a pull, company— we realize you’re the only one who can change you and we support you in doing so We support your career growth—promoting from within is our focus We make work fun—have you ever dressed as a rockstar and played phone bingo at the same time? We create communities within the larger team, from comic books to juggling clubs to mommy groups, we all have passions We see the positive in everyone, teammates and clients alike We live by our Core Values, in our hiring, our business, and our service The Technical Support Specialist position provides technical assistance and training to clients, and includes the possibility for expansion/specialization through many different levels of certifications. So, what does the average day of an above-average Technical Support Specialist look like? “Home Sweet Home” Each Technical Support Specialist (or TSS) has their own dedicated workspace to personalize and make as comfortable as possible. Whether that means a box of cookies, a set of string lights, a yoga ball or a mini trampoline, your workspace is your home away from home. “Jack of All Trades” An above-average TSS uses a variety of tools to help their client as competently as possible. Be prepared to work on various different web browsers, to play with both Macs and PCs, to be on speaking terms with the hardware that MINDBODY offers its clients and to get familiar with various other internal programs that optimize internal communication and help you offer top of the line client support! “Smooth Operator” Every day, you will be speaking with clients coming from different businesses, countries and cultures – all with very different questions! That means you’ll want to be ready to get flexible – be prepared to learn on the fly, and to adapt your conversation and teaching style to match clients of all kinds. “All for one and one for all!” If you envision working in a call center as a stressful, competitive and isolated environment, think again! Sometimes a particularly unhappy client or a high call volume can make for some tense moments. However, everybody on the Tech Floor, from your Supervisors to your fellow agents are completely committed to your success. You’ll never be made to feel incompetent for not knowing the answer to a question. In fact, you’ll always have multiple resources (both human and digital) at your fingertips to make sure you have all the backup you need. “Ready, Set, Grow!” You’ll be think-tanking with your team members on a daily basis to come up with the best solution for your clients, so don’t feel like you need to have all the answers right away. Helping both clients and other team members will help you to grow in your product knowledge on a daily basis. You’ll be amazed at how fast you learn! And the collaboration doesn’t stop at your team – representatives from other departments are always willing to lend their expertise so that you can reply to your client with confidence. There’s a clear line of communication right up to the top. Do you have something you’d like to take up with the Senior Director of Technical Support or our Customer Love Goddess? Go right ahead – their desks are right down the hall. Next Steps: Learn more about Southampton before applying Read up on our product and company at our website, The process: phone interview, on-site interview, final interview Relocation coverage not available for this role

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