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At Medium, words matter. We are building the best place for reading and writing on the internet—a place where today’s smartest writers, thinkers, authorities, and storytellers can share big, interesting ideas; a place where ideas are judged on the value they provide to readers, not the fleeting attention they can attract for advertisers.

Medium is looking for a senior editor to own our politics & policy coverage across daily, weekly, and monthly publishing. This person will love to read and have a sixth sense for what other people want to read. You will commission original features, columns, and essays by known and unknown writers and experts, bringing stories and perspectives that are not being seen elsewhere.

In particular, you will contribute smart, accessible, and unexpected ideas on how to cover U.S. and global politics — from the Trump administration to the midterms to climate change policy to the next steps with North Korea. Medium isn’t the place for play-by-play political coverage or hot takes about politicians’ tweets; instead we’re looking for stories that will reach and resonate with a broad audience that includes, but goes beyond, politics obsessives.

You should value diverse perspectives and have an appreciation for how politics and policy can affect different populations throughout the world.

The right person for this role has several years of experience covering politics or geopolitics as an editor, and has a stable of freelance writers who can pitch and execute, as well as connections to leaders in the politics and policy space who could offer meaningful, high-impact written contributions. This editor has an eye for quality, is intellectually curious, and displays excellent judgment when it comes to commissioning everything from narrative non-fiction to investigations to deftly composed essays.

What will you do?

  • Solicit, secure, and edit interesting, definitive, conversation-starting features, columns, and essays on politics and policy
  • Publish at a daily, weekly, and monthly cadence
  • Identify and engage emerging or undiscovered writers who already publish on the Medium platform and can command a bigger audience
  • Identify and engage experts who already publish on the Medium platform
  • Work with staff members and writers on story packaging, including display copy
  • Liaise with design and editorial leadership on the creative execution and packaging of excerpts and commissioned stories
  • Work with editorial team leadership on special projects and monthly themed packages
  • Bring good ideas to work every day

Who are you?

  • You have 7+ years of editing experience in journalism
  • You are passionate about politics, policy, and how they impact everyday people
  • You don’t pitch stories based on press releases
  • You have story ideas that aren’t being done elsewhere
  • You love unique and divers perspectives and understand how politics and policy can affect different populations in the U.S. and abroad
  • You care about words, and can deliver well-edited stories on a deadline
  • You are curious and display excellent taste and judgment
  • You are sourced in the political field, or are sure you can reach anyone you would like to quickly
  • You are a display-copy whiz who understands the importance of framing a story for maximum reader engagement
  • You are a straightforward and effective communicator
  • You like working on a team and can help improve other people’s ideas through collaboration and brainstorming
  • You believe that good stories can come from anywhere

We understand the value of diverse backgrounds and respect the healthy expression of diverse opinions. We embrace experimentation and the examination of all kinds of ideas through reasoning and testing. Medium is an equal opportunity employer.

Interested? We'd love to hear from you.

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