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Spire Global is a 150 person space data company founded in 2012. In less than 5 years, Spire has built one of the world's largest satellite constellations, and we're just getting started. 


The constellation produces a firehose of sensor data that we use to develop API-based predictions products.


Spire's engineering and science team is roughly 100 people, with 20 of them working on cloud software. You'll be the first DevOps hire.

Your mission:


Evaluate the current state of our architecture and the problems we're facing, build out a roadmap for what you should focus on, and execute on it. You'll be the DevOps thought leader within engineering, driving and socializing best practices for provisioning infrastructure, deploying applications, logging and tracing, CI/CD, monitoring/alerting, etc. Over time you'll build a DevOps team around you.


You've probably either done this before at a small to medium size company or held a senior role at a large company. You have real operational experience doing it right, and prefer simple, robust and proven solutions.



Doer: Hands on DevOps experience. Familiarly with tools like Docker, Ansible, Terraform, AirFlow, Jenkins, AWS.

Product mentality: figure out how to maximize value.

Good taste: see the big picture and know the right way to do things.

Strong verbal and written communications.

Experience with interpreted languages (ideally but not necessarily Python). 


What we offer:


Contribute to data products that have a strong social impact: weather monitoring, ship and aircraft tracking, and more.

Join a team that is unusually deep and broad: backend web services, distributed and embedded systems, electrical and mechanical engineering, RF, DSP, AI/ML, etc.

It’s a space program.

Our San Francisco office offers a great environment for doing technical work.

You get to work on technical problems that are different from your average web app.

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