The role of Executive Account Manager (EAM) is to manage the end to end sales process for specific customer segments by identifying commercial opportunities in the region, managing account planning across the customer base and driving the execution of regional and local sales strategies. Purpose of the EAM position is to drive business growth, broadening BSC’s market share, as well as securing product positioning and ensuring market penetration, focusing his/her commercial activity on both clinical and economic stakeholders.

Strategic planning

  • Contributes to the development of annual strategic plan by providing RSM, NSM and Marketing with detailed business intelligence for accounts in scope (e.g. market size and potential, market / products trends, business opportunities, competitive landscape, updated clinical and economic stakeholders).

    Account planning & customer relationships management

  • Understands account’s unmet needs and expectations and consistently develops detailed account plans, supporting RSM in Top Tier 1 accounts while autonomously performing the activity in other Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts. Designs and executes sales strategies and activities for accounts in scope, accordingly with account plans and in compliance with national and regional target.
  • Develops the stakeholder map, defines touchpoints and action plan for each of them and ensures account information are timely updated into systems, supporting RSM in Top Tier 1 accounts while autonomously performing the activity in other Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with economic stakeholders, promoting Health Economics arguments and engaging decision-makers to discuss commercial programmes and solutions, supporting RSM and Commercial Contracting organization in Top Tier 1 accounts while autonomously performing the activity in other Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts.
  • Supports RSM in building and maintaining relationships with clinical KOL and clinical strategic stakeholders
  • Builds and maintains relationship with local clinical stakeholders, in alignment with RSM guidance.
  • Engages and interacts with local clinical stakeholders and clinical KOLs for event organization as well specific market analysis.
  • Supports Clinical Sales Representative (CSR) in identifying and managing sales opportunity deriving from clinical support; performs, with the guidance of RSM, clinical selling based on clinical support information.
  • Attends and actively participates in customer, company and industry sponsored events and meetings.

    Tender / negotiation management

  • Based on interactions with KOLs, clinical and economic stakeholders and on clinical support, gathers information about next tenders and negotiation opportunities. Consequently, creates and ensures timely update of opportunity in Sales Cloud to follow tender / proposal process (collaborates with / supports Commercial Contracting organization in Top Tier 1 accounts).
  • Plans and prepares tender / proposal based on account situation and understanding (collaborates with / supports Commercial Contracting organization in Top Tier 1 accounts).


    Deal design & pricing

  • Kicks-off the Sales and Commercial Contracting organization team to be involved in accounts in scope, aligns team members on strategy, deal design and negotiation tactics, supporting RSM in Top Tier 1 accounts while autonomously performing the activity in other Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts.
  • Assigns Sales Cloud task representing agreed strategy and tactics, set-up periodic meetings to update on status and coordinate the deal design.
  • Develops the deal model, supporting RSMs in Top Tier 1 accounts, and creates IPAT (collaborates with / supports Commercial Contracting organization in Top Tier 1 accounts).
  • Participates in negotiations, where applicable, and, in collaboration with Tender Office, prepares administrative documents and input requested by the customer (collaborates with / supports Commercial Contracting organization in Top Tier 1 accounts).

    Post-sale management and future growth

  • Provides support and advices to CSR in performing procedural training, providing clinical support and therapy development and consequently managing clinical evaluation to secure BSC market share.
  • Timely reaches-out to the customer regarding new agreement, performing sales visits and contextually identifying new sales opportunity to drive future business growth (supported by Commercial Contracting organization in Top Tier 1 accounts).



  • Performs periodic update with respective Sales Force and Commercial Contracting organization and QBRs meeting with RSMs, leverages on monitoring and reporting content to ensure effective sales process execution.





Skills & Competencies







Market & Technical Insight

Market Insight

Market & Competitor

- Understands the territory market and factors affecting it, also starting to leverage regional market knowledge.
- Draws on internal and external sources to deepen insight into factors affecting the market, including competitors.
- Utilizes current customer, market and competitor insights effectively to drive territory business.

Technical Insight

Product & Service

- Has in-depth knowledge of the division’s products, articulating the main benefits in a positive way to customers.
- Utilizes product knowledge and insight into wider technology/healthcare trends with customers to drive sales.
- Is confident to demonstrate key benefits over competitor products and services.

Disease, Therapy & Clinical Knowledge

- Has in-depth knowledge of disease state, therapy options and clinical studies, and applies this effectively with different customers.
- Shows expert knowledge of the drivers behind different treatment options, demonstrating the value of different BSC offerings to customers.


Market & Customer Development

Business Acumen

Financial Acumen & Strategic Thinking

- Analyses a variety of data and information to drive decisions and develops deal models.
- Can evaluate the potential of assigned accounts and assesses the impact of business opportunities.
- Assesses impact of decisions for both customer and BSC.
- Ensures decisions and actions are in line with BSC strategic aims.

Sales Force Planning

- May create or provide input to regional sales resource plans to achieve objectives.
- May discuss key resource considerations with manager to assist in country budget planning.

Business Planning

Sales Planning

- Has full understanding of key sales plan drivers (e.g. territory, customer potential, tiers, history/ trends, market share and competitor) to develop a plan and clear objectives based on key priorities, opportunities, customer and competitor knowledge.
- Makes sure sales plan is successfully met

Customer Understanding

- Has insight into key customer information in own territory to allow execution of the sales plan and account strategies.
- Builds regional customer knowledge.
- Contributes to building customer knowledge through communicating with the team and capturing information on BSC systems.

Account Strategy

- Develops winning account strategies for assigned accounts/territory, ensuring alignment with overall sales plan and divisional strategy.
- Spots new commercial opportunities across existing accounts.

-Collaborates with Commercial Contracting on top Tier 1 accounts as determined by Manager
- Gather’s inputs and feedbacks from CSRs on opportunities deriving from clinical support.

Business Development

- Identifies new account opportunities to drive growth for the territory/ region.

-Utilizes Commercial Contracting as appropriate.

Tracking, Reviewing & Planning

- Maintains own territory action plan to track performance.
- Prepares to hold effective business reviews/QBRs.
- Follows up on agreed objectives, opportunities and sales activity plans.
- Contributes to course-correction plans.
- Uses manager insight to adjust approach in line with performance review.
- Proactively shares best practice with team and more widely.

External Stakeholder Management

External Networks & Relationship Management Strategies

- Builds key stakeholder maps at territory and account level and provides useful information to RSMs.
- Supports Commercial Contracting organization in managing key economic stakeholders in Top Tier 1 accounts, directly engages economic stakeholders in other Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts
- Develops and manages key clinical stakeholder relationships relevant to own work area and is recognized as a trusted partner by all of the stakeholders.
- Understands differing needs of key stakeholders and tailors approach for best outcomes, being able to differentiate it between economic vs clinical interfaces

Sales Execution

Sales Process & Selling Techniques

- Has thorough knowledge of BSC Europe sales process/ sales methodologies and uses these effectively.
- Proactively shares best practice with team.
- Uses Sales Cloud to plan and manage activities, logging actions.
- Works with manager and collaborates with colleagues to create influencing/ engagement plans for different customers and acts on these to meet targets.

Tender Management

- Collaborates with Commercial Contracting as applicable.
- Applies the tendering process effectively.
- Influences tender specifications.
- Incorporates knowledge from past bids.
- Helps prepare tenders that are commercially and technically viable and that fit into overall strategic goals.

Deal Making & Negotiation

- Collaborates with Commercial Contracting as applicable.
- Prepares multiple deal options involving products and services from own division.
- Consults colleagues and BSC systems when preparing deals as necessary.
- Uses insights into accounts to tailor deals.
- Is effective in negotiating with traditional customers, bringing in contracts.
- Starts to negotiate successfully with all customer stakeholders with manager/expert support.


Enabling Skills

Change Management


- Contributes to the change in commercial organization and facilitates the integration of new role.
- Talks about change in positive terms and an opportunity to do things differently.
- Deals confidently with change.
- Has full understanding of organizational change underlying principles, processes and objective.

Internal Knowledge & Tools


- Understands and can articulate the BSC vision, divisional/company strategy and complies with BSC policies, quality standards and processes.
- Uses relevant systems and applications.



- Can influence and engage others through conviction.
- Delivers impactful communications to a variety of customer audiences, e.g. physicians, economic buyers.
- Demonstrates active listening skills and uses probing questions.
- Adapts message to the audience for maximum impact.
- Writes clearly and concisely.
- Manages own emotions, remaining calm and professional in difficult situations.
- Has the required language skills for the role.


People Skills

Internal Collaboration


- Builds and maintains strong relationships within own account team, the division, with other functions and some other divisions to facilitate completion of tasks.
- Can lead specialized project teams with broad company impact using cross functional resources.
- Involves the right people at the right time for different accounts.
- Works with manager on matters that require coordination of activities.

Working With & Through Others

Coach, Develop & Manage People

- Proactively takes action to develop other members of the regional sales team in different areas, e.g. through knowledge sharing.
- Provides feedback to other team members as applicable.

Motivate Others

- Leads by example, demonstrating persistence in delivering on goals and targets.
- Is positive and upbeat, supporting others as needed.


Courage & Drive

- Shows drive and persistence to achieve objectives and targets.
- Is confident to voice alternative views and address conflict.


- Challenges the status quo and considers how to do things in a better way or differently.
- Remains effective in ambiguous situations.

Personal Productivity

- Manages and prioritizes own commitments on an ongoing basis, seeking manager guidance as appropriate.
- Takes an active role in own development, considering career aspirations.
- Works with manager to set appropriate objectives and development actions.


Endoscopy, sales

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