181060 Engineer I (Open)

The use of scientific knowledge and formal systems to find practical solutions to daily problems. Consists of working with direct complex operations geared toward gaining efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. Operations Support Job Category: Performs technical tests and experiments for process engineering within R&D. Performs set up of processing equipment. Monitors, audits and provides guidance to line operators. Processes test runs and prepares records, charts, and graphs of results for presentation to engineering to identify yield problems or test new products. Provides technical assistance to process development and engineering personnel.Professional Job Category: Develops new or modified process formulations, defines processing or handling equipment requirements and specifications, and reviews processing techniques and methods applied in the manufacture, fabrication, and evaluation of products. Involvement may begin at any step from pilot plant to full-scale manufacturing. Coordinates design requirement review with appropriate engineering/scientific personnel to ensure compatibility of processing methods. Compiles and evaluates test data to determine appropriate limits and variables for process or material specifications. May conceive and plan projects involving definition and selection of new concepts, equipment automation technology, and approaches in the processing or development of new or improved processes. Mgmt Job Category: Oversees the activities related to the technical support and process development engineering functions of a manufacturing area. Plans and implements the development of new and scale-up process formulas. Establishes operating equipment specifications and acts as a liaison with product design and development to ensure processes and designs are compatible. Leads efforts to achieve cost effectiveness and improved product quality. Responsible for the art, skill, profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical and practical knowledge to carry out engineering within a specific function area (e.g. equipment, facilities, field applications, firmware, manufacturing process and system design)

Job Level Guide: http://hr.seagate.com/manager/comp/job_leveling_chart_engineering_professional.pdf

Job Family: Engineering Professional
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