Linux L3 Support engineer
Hands on 8 years working experience to provide L3 support
Installation of RHEL 5.x, 6.x and 7.x and configuring yum servers, MySQL server, Rabbit MQ server, Apache server, Application server, bonding, Server Hardening in Physical and Virtual servers etc., configuring clustering in Active Passive mode, Active Active mechanism etc.
Configuring Database and Web Servers in RHEL Cluster Environment, Two Node and Three node Cluster in Physical Virtual environment.
Hardening of RHEL servers, creating and managing user groups, configuring multipathing in servers, troubleshooting OS, hardware and network related problems.
Troubleshooting and maintenance of DNS, Apache Web Server, DHCP server, Samba and SSL, and NFS servers and Clients. Perform system audits, patches and upgrades.
Configuring sftp Server, postfix Server, RAID and LVM disk Management.
Patch Management Linux ESXi, Troubleshooting RHEL. Hardware Firmware upgrades.
Handling IO Storage activities in Linux server on multipath, Responsible for all planned complex changes on production non prod disaster recovery development servers.
Upgrading OS Kernel Using YUM on both Redhat El4 El5 Production Env.
Managing Samba, NIS, NFS, Reverse Proxies, Squid servers, kick start, Ground work and postfix mail servers.
End to end experience on P2V for migration, managing virtual instances on Virtual Servers, VMware vCenter Server and ESXi Host.
Implemented rsync backup using automated scripts and scheduling using crontab.
Worked file system data backup by disk dump, Rsync, ufsdump, tar and NTbackup.



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Full-time Day Job

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May 12, 2018, 11:39:43 AM

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