Assistant Manager Commercialization Jepara


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Assistant Manager Commercialization Jepara



  • Assists the Commercialization Manager in ensuring that developed product is fully evaluated and commercialized (without compromising the integrity of the developed prototype) in preparation for mass production.  Ensures product evaluation covers areas of fit/ performance, grading and commercial viability.



Key Responsibilities:  



  • Conducts commercialization in accordance to confirmed development and design specifications while maintaining an emphasis on performance and integrity; commercialization must utilize the latest technical innovations where applicable.
  • Is aware of adidas brand mission and customer focus; understands adidas product history.
  • Supports the Comm. Manager in working with manufacturers and suppliers in continuous upgrades of technical applications and processes based on specifications and headquarter directions.
  • Assists the Comm. Manager in communicating information to the commercialization team in headquarters for process and equipment upgrades.




  • Ensures commercialization procedures are executed according to the commercialization calendar to allow for on-time production start; is able to work within commercialization timelines without compromise to product quality.
  • Understands and assists with the implementation of all adidas commercialization policies.
  • Has a good understanding of suppliers’ delivery timelines (such as lasts, mold, cutting dies etc) and plans ahead accordingly.
  • Provides support in determining and integrating the best possible application for product without compromising on design specification and cost allowance; works on implementing advanced technical developments in the commercialization process as appropriate (computer-stitching etc).
  • Supports the Comm. Manager in ensuring that commercialization objectives are met according to given timelines while not compromising on quality, costing and delivery. 
  • Co-operates with factory and production team in conducting the production trial in a timely manner; works closely with factory and the production team in resolving any potential problems, which may occur in the transition of the product from commercialization to production. 
  • Takes initiative to stay updated with Critical Product Reports; supports the Commercialization Manager in identifying potential problems in commercialization process and offers appropriate solutions.
  • Assists the Commercialization Manager in ensuring all product transfer packages requests (incoming and outgoing) are thoroughly checked for all necessary information required for transfer (dual-sourced, 100% transfer etc).  Ensures that dual-sourced products match original specifications.
  • Actively participates in IES tear-down meetings with Development team to become fully familiar with product at onset of commercialization process.
  • Ensures that all necessary information has been received from development along with the finalized prototype in order to facilitate commercialization. 
  • Ensures smooth transfer of product from one stage of commercialization to another (IES to FES to Full Size Run to Production Trial); generates and appropriately distributes proper documentation supporting the commercialization process including the Manufacturing Engineering Reports, Production Trial Reports etc)
  • Ensures timely delivery of FES wear test shoes.
  • Updates all Commercialization Tracking reports.


Key Relationships:  (list primary stakeholders that the position will communicate and interact with)

Co-operates and communicates well with an internationally diverse group of colleagues in the LO offices and in headquarters; works closely with suppliers and manufacturers



Knowledge Skills and Abilities:  


  • Has experience in managing team
  • Fluent English skills


Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 


  • A degree in a post-secondary engineering discipline is preferable. 
  • At least two years experience working in the shoe industry with a focus on the following disciplines:
  1. Pattern engineering
  2. Mold-making
  3. Materials processing
  4. Grading
  5. Interpreting technical drawings
  • IT knowledge (office applications, basic understanding of CAD/CAM processes).
Location:  Surabaya
Country:  Indonesia
Team:  Production
Brand:  adidas
Position Type:  Full time
Number:  174617
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