Senior Backend Engineer, AI Services


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At AI Services, we build end-to-end solutions which incorporate DataRobot into the customers' business processes. We then apply our experience working with customers to develop a framework of reusable components and industry-specific solutions.  

This job will expose you to real business problems which people solve using data science. You will also have a chance to work with a broad and exciting variety of technologies used by DataRobot customers. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Quickly identify the proper solution architecture and articulate it to all stakeholder.
  • Write software which can work end-to-end: performing data-ingest, feeding the data into DataRobot for generating the prediction, and then sending the predictions to the customers' systems or custom applications.
  • Identify reusable components and extract them into the service framework.
  • Write back-end components for user-facing mobile, desktop, and web applications.
  • Build a fully automated end-to-end testing infrastructure for each solution that you create.


  • Experience in writing non-trivial backend code. Ideally, experience in creating a framework for a particular business or technical problem.
  • Deep knowledge of Python.
  • Experience in using complex application servers/frameworks like Django, Tornado, WebSphere, ASP.NET or others.
  • Experience in using static code analysis tools and writing automated tests.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with C#, Java, or C++.
  • Experience working with a multitude of third-party libraries outside of the standard language infrastructure.
  • Experience using machine learning in production.
  • Experience working with the Hadoop infrastructure.
  • Experience working with ETL tools.
  • Experience building integration with dashboarding software.

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