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(Kyivstar, Eurasia commercial analytical hub)

Our team & you

To continue and change the lives of our 235 million customers. We’re building a world-class product-first organization and assembling the right team to continue scaling aggressively. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something big and transformative, someone who will play a critical role in driving our success.

Within 30 days, you'll...

Shadow millions of customers’ interaction with VEON. You will understand VEON’s user profile.

Meet with the Commercial, Marketing and CEM teams to get to know VEON’s initiative pipeline and ongoing projects.

Participate in a commercial team delivering insights on products and projects for decision-making.

Familiarization with the methodology for main projects in our OpCos.

Within 60-90 days, you’ll….

Manage briefing of internal clients, effective questionnaire design, data analysis, data visualization, report preparation and presentations to ensure objectives are met and meaningful insights are produced.

Lead multiple research projects on a day-to-day basis, while balancing the needs of the internal client with the overall project goals.

Conduct a full-scale ad-hoc and tracking surveys in 7 companies in CIS countries. You will work with initiative owners, commercial team and management.

Emphasize improvement points and give recommendations on changes in product and services.

Deliver the outcomes of your projects with CI and BI cross functional analytic.

Within 90-120 days, you’ll….

Participate in strategic projects, like a segmentation, CBC etc.

Contribute deep market knowledge during surveys management (set-up and insights delivery) and strategy discussions.

Ensure implementation of the market research plan in order to facilitate brands' performance, particularly perform various tracking studies as well as ad-hoc research projects including idea/claim/concepts, price studies, usage and attitude studies, segmentations.

Interact on a frequent basis with internal clients and external research agencies including subcontractor management.

Support procurement process ensuring strong financial discipline and accurate budgeting.

What we have done and what we will do with YOU:

During the last 6 months, our team has been building the analytical HUB with world-class analytical services for 7 companies in CIS countries. Our team focused on delivering best analytical insights and improvement recommendations for the companies based on surveys, competitive and business intelligence data in all these countries.

You will be working closely with Marketing, Commercial and CEM departments of the countries to bring our vision to decision-making management.

A bit about you:

We are looking for someone who has:

·         at least 2 years of experience in research management and analysis preferably at international company on client side or at local/international research agency;

·         degree in Marketing, Social Sciences from a reputable university;

·         strong analytical and critical thinking skills;

·         exceptional data visualization & presentation skills;

·         excellent organizational skills with a strong focus in managing details;

·         proactive, with a strong passion for problem solving, market research and data analysis;

·         strong skills in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word);

·         advanced level of statistical analysis in SPSS is as must;

·         proficient in English, Russian and Ukrainian both spoken and written;

ability to learn quickly, multi-task and excellent time-management.

Детальніше про нас:

Наш кар’єрний блог -->

Останні новини про нас шукайте в LinkedIn -->

Робота у VEON вимагає від нас  дотримання високого рівня ділової етики, юридичних зобов'язань, наших цінностей та Кодексу поведінки, підтримки політик і процедур Компанії. Наш піонерський дух втілений в п'яти цінностях: «клієнти - наша пристрасть», «підприємницький дух», «інноваційність», «співпраця» і «відкритість». Ми прагнемо бути відкритими, що вимагає від нас діяти етично, правдиво і сумлінно.

Ми розуміємо важливість захисту даних Ваших Персональних даних та прагнутимемо використовувати передовий досвід щодо того, як ми працюэмо з такими даними. Наші процеси розроблені таким чином, щоб ми збирали, обробляли, використовували та передавали ці дані відповідно до місцевого законодавства. Натиснувши кнопку "Відгукнутися на вакансію", Ви підтверджуєте, що Ви прочитали, зрозуміли та явно погодилися з нашою Політикою конфіденційності.

More about us:

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Working at VEON demands a high standard of business ethics and adherence to our legal obligations, our values and our Code of Conduct and supporting compliance policies and procedures. Our pioneering spirit is embodied in our values to be customer obsessed, entrepreneurial, innovative, collaborative, and truthful.  Being truthful requires us to act ethically, honestly, and with integrity.

We understand the importance of the protection of your Applicants Data and are committed to using good practices in how we handle such Data. Our processes are designed to ensure that we collect, process, use and transfer that data in accordance with applicable local law. By clicking on "Apply for this job", you confirm that you have read, understood and explicitly agree to the our Applicants Privacy Policy

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