Electro Mechanical Design Engineer


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Position Description:
Provided technical leadership in the design and development of electrical circuitry and mechanical systems used in the creation of ultra precision, computer numerically controlled, machine tools. The electro mechanical engineer will work in collaboration with a design team to ensure a timely design-to-production process that meets budgetary and project specifications. Solve complex design or custom requirements via analysis of data and research of technical solutions appropriate to established requirements. Work with Manufacturing Engineering and Production personnel to transition designs into production, and serve to resolve necessary design changes and documentation as needed to ensure shipping a completed product in a timely fashion.

Position Requirements:
Position Responsibilities:
Design components utilizing 3-D modeling software.
Create bills of material and participate in sourcing recommendations.
Generate technical documentation, such as product manuals and engineering bulletins.
Process engineering changes ECO’s, and participate in engineering design review meetings.
Interface with Service, Manufacturing, and Planning as necessary to maintain process flow of components through production.
Research and compile data to ensure specifications are accurate and reflect actual product.
Hardware verification testing on the Assembly floor using tools and capacitance gauges, programming and operation of CNC machines, PID process controllers, electronic indicators, accelerometers, laser positioning accuracy testing equipment, autocollimators, interferometers, etc.
Interface with customers on a regular basis, and participate in sales activities such as trade shows as needed.  Travel to customer locations and assist with Service on installations and repairs as necessary.

Essential Skills and Experience:
Knowledge of the practical application of engineering and science and technology. This includes applying principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to the design and production of various goods and services.  Demonstrated experience with electromechanical manufacturing processes that include: SMT, Micro-electronics, motors, gearboxes, sensors, servos, connectors, harnesses, PCBA's ridged/flexible circuits, EPROMs, FPGAs, ASIC, software validation, GUIs and functional testing.
Experience with algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications.
Knowledge of materials science and electrical components.
Experience with electro-mechanical systems.
Knowledge of machining theory, tools and techniques.
Knowledge of CNC programming and relevant codes.
Knowledge of metrology.

Beneficial Skills:
BSME with 5-7 years of experience or equivalent combination of experience and training.

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