As a Machine Learning Engineer, responsibilities will include Deep understanding of machine learning technology Research, experiment, build prototypes using machine learning applicable to the proposed solutions. Apply machine learning, statistics and optimization techniques on the data set for different verticals Research, develop, and apply methods for inference and classification from various data points Conduct exploratory data analysis in high dimensions. Verify algorithms by simulation and user tests Develop NLP or other text analytic components Research minded, ability to run experiments independently Technical Skills More than 8 10 years of experience in IT and 3 years of relevant Machine learning experience Exposure NLP Packages Any of Core NLP Open NLP Experience in Speech Recognition Speech Identification Hands on experience in working with ML problems ex, Classification Regression Anomaly Detection Python ML Packages Scikit Numpy Experienced in PySpark Exposure to REST concepts Hands on experience on a minimum of 5 projects that involves either ML or Deep Learning Concepts like Probabilistic Reasoning Statistical Inference, Cost Functions etc. Heterogeneous programming experience. Theano Keras Tensorflow Deep Speech Any Deep learning package Familiarity with Hadoop and sub projects Familiarity with Graph DB like Neo4j



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Full-time Day Job

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Feb 16, 2018, 7:55:31 AM

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