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Genscape’s product offerings are focused on energy data which is captured via patented sensor technology.  Beyond our revolutionary sensor IP, Genscape’s offerings are all software/data-based product.  The essence of all our commercial products are the result of some of the most talented software engineers in the market.  We continue to expand our software suite through organic net-net development as integration of acquired products, technologies & data.  Genscape is seeking a talented Database Developer to join our team of software engineers! This Database Developer will work on the next generation unified platform---the latest version just received outstanding customer feedback and so we continue to evolve along the path of our technology strategy.

This team member will work with the Lead/Members of the Application Development Teams in planning, design, development, testing, and deployment of both logical and physical database models and structures. This individual will need to be a strong collaborator and communicator as they will work closely with the Product Developers to ensure that the engineers' activities are in line with the larger goals of Genscape’s growth strategy. This individual will also work with the other members of the Platform team to establish and maintain design standards to ensure compatibility and consistency in all data environments.

What data environments will this role work with? Many!  Given the rate of change of technology, we are always exploring ways to embrace a new solutions of all flavors---open, 3rd party and of course custom/derived solutions we organically create. The DBDev will be responsible for engagement with all Genscape Data platforms which currently includes Mongo DB, Redis, Hadoop, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server as we migrate away from other more traditional relational data technologies.  In addition, our technology team has architected our next gen platform to evolve from operating in a hybrid between hosted and cloud-based data PaaS.  Our community and vendor relationships are exceptional so our engineers are often asked to provide guidance/feedback on platform designs as well as test/critique early-stage software from white-board to pre-alpha/beta. 

We enjoy engineers who love to innovate and are remarkably passionate about software development in all layers of the stack.  Exceptional software developers are as much left- as they are right-brain thinkers given the nature of design and development.  Passion for software, drive toward excellence of solution and outstanding team collaboration where ideas can be bounced around for feedback are all aspects of culture we embrace.  If you see software as a direct reflection of what you love to do/build and if you say to yourself:  “Imagine… I get PAID to do what I love---explore, innovate and develop excellent software with awesome technologies,” then please do come talk to us for this role and/or other roles we have at Genscape.

We look for passionate technologists who love data as well as enjoy working in an autonomous environment where employees are encouraged to expand their careers, explore new ideas, and make a big impact where they work. Come see what we are all about!


What you will do and learn:

  • Architecture of Next Gen Data Platforms covering all types: Relational, Doc, ‘Big’, etc…
  • Design/Modify logical models within existing database environments.
  • Manage existing data models and create/modify models to meet new functional requirements.
  • Generate and maintain data definitions and services to support holistic enterprise Master Data Definitions with input from peers and data subject matter experts.
  • Work with business analysts and various groups to collect requirements and translate those into logical database models.
  • Procedural database programming including PL/pgSQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Troubleshoot problems when appropriate with support of Database Admins
  • Identify potential performance improvements at the data technology layer as well as process improvements for overall effectiveness of the data pipeline
  • Perform data analysis, design and training, as required as well as mentor peers to ensure development of peers and consistency of strategy/approach for database development.
  • Develop new and manage existing ETL jobs for the application databases
  • Collaboratively architect, design and develop message distribution system with the core platform architect and app dev team.
  • Provide SQL / database support to the application developers for ongoing sprint development cycles where we embrace SCRUM and supporting tools for Continuous Integration.
  • Manage the databases in development, QA and Production environments.
  • Monitor and manage the production data warehousing processes.
  • Monitor database backup process.


Over your first few months in this position, you will know you’re successful if:

  • You demonstrate a strong initiative to provide value in a highly collaborative team environment. We enjoy those who love technology and foster a culture where open discussions on latest/greatest development can be used in various innovative ways to solve real business problems.
  • You demonstrate knowledge and carefulness essential to develop and manage business-critical 24-hour operational systems. We live for uptime as our clients are financial traders and expect/demand the most mission critical systems that support real-time Wall Street traders.
  • Start with the basics of day-to-day operations before tackling organic development: In your first 30 Days you would know and understand 50% of the system administrator capabilities and be able to complete simple bug fixes/enhancements.
  • In your first 60 Days you would know and understand 100% of the diagnostic and critical characteristics of the system and be able to complete most if not all bug fixes/enhancements.
  • In your first 90 Days you are able to deliver your first production ready application and understand the full stack of technologies used.  


This role might be for you if:

  • You have a college degree in computer related field or equivalent experience. Some of our top engineers are from top 5 Comp-sci programs while others have deep experience in software dev after changing careers from various flavors of engineering, math, Physics, etc…
  • You have demonstrated deep experience and knowledge designing and developing scalable non-relational open data technologies such as those built using Mongo, Hadoop, etc.
  • You love data technology: You may have always been focused on the data tier or you started in App-Dev and moved into Data-Tech where you found your true passion, etc… Independent of how you got here---we require data tier excellence so please be objective.
  • You have demonstrated deep experience and knowledge in database design, schema development, optimization/tuning and maintenance of large scale (multiple terabyte) PostgreSQL, SQL Server and/or other large scale/tech data systems.
  • You possess 9+ years of proven experience including a broad range of Database Administration and Development.
  • You have at least a minimum 4 years of proven experience of Database Architecture and Development.
  • You cannot be held back to only be ‘a one-platform’ professional: You may be a master of many and continue to embrace/grow your knowledge base given you recognize the many benefits of open standards and community-based development as well as exceptional 3rd party vendor solutions.
  • You have experience with development of functions, partitioning, and replication.
  • You have at least a minimum 3-4 years Procedural SQL programming experience highly desired.
  • You have experience with database backup or replication technologies required.
  • You have data modeling tools experience and have been through the ‘data model journey’ enough to know the pro’s and con’s of the many tools out there in the community.


These soft skills are a MUST:

  • An ability to succeed in a dynamic/distributed team environment and be open to overtime when necessary
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, team player with excellent interpersonal skills. We embrace SCRUM while distributing workloads across teams in a distributed development fashion.  This results in a great opportunity to work with teams across the country/globe where some portion of the team is physically co-located while others attend stand-ups remotely via various collaboration technologies.
  • An ability to manage multiple priorities effectively with minimal supervision – we don’t like to micromanage!
  • Self-driven: As mentioned, we don’t enjoy a culture of micro-management.  We do believe in SCRUM and bi-weekly sprints and that the energy to deliver comes from accountability and self-motivation.  We don’t believe in punching a clock and at the same time we do believe in delivery, commitment to team, commitment to individual and a career plan that rewards excellence and high standards/work ethic.  We leave it up to you and offer very attractive incentives to reward such excellence and delivery throughput.


It would be a huge bonus if you had the following experience!:

  • Multiple OS & scripting knowledge.
  • Master Data Management / Data Lifecycle Management
  • Enterprise software development experience and globally distributed team experience
  • Experience with ETL, Messaging/Pub-Sub system & tools and Java/C#.
  • Understanding of MPP/Big Data concepts and/or experience.
  • Demonstrated interest in and enthusiasm for learning new data management technologies
  • Exposure to Cloud based PaaS and IaaS services including SQL Azure, AWS RDS, or SQL Server on cloud based VMs. We dual-home our cloud solutions so enjoy both Azure and AWS as well as some niche providers.


Once you land this position, you’ll get to enjoy:

  • A fun, fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment where employees are viewed as the company’s greatest asset and critical to our success.
  • Technology culture fostered and evolved by technologists and for technologists:  Annual Tech Summit where we assemble the entire global technology team for a week to communicate our direction for the upcoming year, identifying new technologies, prioritizing products and how we evolve our process/team tools/etc…
  • Global Collaboration:  Video conferencing as well as mobile camera bots where remote employees can explore/interact throughout our open work space and into (hopefully invited) team meetings and doing so across many cultures.  We also support community gaming however we find that most folks enjoy coding more than they do gaming!  Go figure.
  • Culture of ‘Who we are as technologists’:  We are not the often over-used term of “IT” but rather we are Software Engineers forming the core of all product built and sold by Genscape.  We are not a ‘support function’ in a retail, consumer or other hard-products business.  Rather but rather are at the center of all that is created within Genscape which is software---not as a support function but developers are the core of all that is created at Genscape.  We bring to life the product concepts, vision and details of world-class Energy product managers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) which is the perfect combination and one reason for build of quality product.
  • Being part of a team of extremely talented analysts, engineers, technologists, data scientists, user experience experts, QA practitioners and off-shore strategic development teams.
  • A company that offers a strong focus on work life balance and encouragement to make a big impact where you work.  As previously mentioned, many of our talent pool are both left-and-right brain balanced and are as comfortable at a keyboard cranking code as they are composing music, rock-climbing, leading a band, restoring snow cats, welding artwork or many other interesting hobbies.
  • We also support working from home and flexible work hours:  This goes to supporting the self-motivated team member where we want folks who enjoy going ‘above-and-beyond’ as a standard because they simply ‘are that way’.  The result is high throughput, consistent delivery and a happy team!
  • Excellent benefits and numerous perks including conferences, F2F training, online training and internal contests such as Technology Hackathons and Internal Innovation Competitions where we bring winning team concepts to life in product/technology.
  • We offer all of the above (and more) as we know you expect the most of us as a company and managers and we expect the most of you as an exceptional contributor!  Apply if you want to join as an exceptional contributor to an awesome team---if you are looking for just another ‘job in technology’ and are at all a ‘clock-puncher’ then please pass on us.



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