【Global Human Resources Department】 Talent Management Manager


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As the Assistant to the Head of Human Resource Development responsible for promoting the growth of employees, you will be tasked with leading the planning and improvement of the general structure of talent management.




By fulfilling the following work duties, you will be leading an organization that is responsible for continuing to strengthen the overall system of talent management at our company.

・Design and operation of systems related to Talent Management (succession management, etc.)

・Participation in the design and construction of systems related to Talent Management (collaboration with IT department)

・Systems operation of Talent Management

Required Qualifications 

・Over 5 years’ experience in human resources departments of companies in Japan and/or overseas required (experience in human resource developments preferred). Candidates with equivalent experience in corporate planning, human resource consulting, or human resource development services will also be considered.

・Analytical and problem solving ability

・Logical thinking, communication, presentation, and negotiation skills

・Ability to use Excel (basic formulas, processing large amounts of data) and PowerPoint (creation of materials for use at company meetings)


Preferred Qualifications 

・Experience proactively assessing issues, considering and proposing solutions

・Experience in proactively carrying out the design and introduction of systems (succession management, etc.) related to talent management

・Experience in designing/constructing/operating talent management systems

・Experience achieving continuous improvement of a human resource development program through use of the PDCA cycle

・Experience proposing medium- to long-term activity plans for an organization

・Experience providing direction and guidance to one’s subordinates as the head of an organization and achieving positive results for the organization as a whole

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