TransferWise Bootcamp - Come join us for the summer!

TransferWise Bootcamp is a paid internship programme, but it's also much more than that. It's a chance to learn from the best and build real-world products that matter. We’re not a bank. Not even close. In fact, we’re pretty much the opposite. We’re flipping a gazillion dollar industry on its head.

The revolution is based in 9 offices and we're looking for bootcampers in Cherkasy, Budapest, London and Tallinn. This is your chance to be a part of it.

What it’s really like to work here

TransferWisers aren't like a tree, they're more like a linked list. Everyone works in a small, focused team of people. Every team makes their own choices to make the greatest impact to customers.

In TransferWise, we don't build anything on a whim. We start from the problem, and work our way to solving it. This means that all of our work makes a huge impact on a whole lot of people. We build products that matter.

There's people here from over 60 nationalities, from companies like Google, AirBnB and Paypal. Expect to learn more here than any book can ever teach.

Is this you?
  • A massive computer nerd (like us).
  • Kick ass at full-stack modern web development (JVM and JS experience helps).
  • Have built cool stuff which you can explain to your grandma.
  • Want to have an actual impact on millions of people.
  • When the DB goes nuts and your code goes sideways you keep your wits and find a solution.
  • Important note: We are not able to sponsor VISA's for our internship programs at this moment for people residing outside the EU. The same applies to our Ckerkasy office, for which we'll not be able to sponsor VISA at this time for applicants outside Ukraine. Our official selection process starts in April, and ends middle of May. The bootcamp starts in June and ends in August.
  • Some important stuff we would like you to know

To meet our regulatory obligations as a licensed financial services company, TransferWise needs to take background checks on all new hires, which may include Criminal and Credit checks. Please discuss with the Recruiter if you have any concerns regarding this process.

At TransferWise we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Therefore, we want to make sure that our recruitment process is accessible to everyone. So if you need any reasonable adjustments – at any point in the process – we’ll do our best to help. Just let us know what you need on your application form, or drop us an email. You might need a reasonable adjustment if you’ve got a disability. Or maybe you live overseas, and you’d prefer to meet us over Skype.

Please don’t send anything to the adjustments address if you’re a recruiter, or if you’re making a speculative application. We do work with recruiters from time to time – but only through LinkedIn. And we only accept job applications when a position is actually open. So you’re better off just checking the recruitment pages regularly.

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